Morning Rundown: Winning In a Wahoo Sort of Way

I'm perfectly okay with a weekend series against the Angels in which the team takes two out of three games. Set aside the fact that they are struggling. It doesn't matter because they are talented and are capable of busting out at any time. Add in the fact, despite the struggles, that two of the starters they put out there were Dan Haren and Jered Weaver? Their offense is struggling, not those two. Those two pitched well enough for the Angels to win both of those games and they won only one.


Tribe Daily Inivtational: April 2012 Update

A few months ago, I had an idea. An idea that would unite a brand of misfits in one common goal. To help me satisfy the need of being in a normal fantasy baseball league and establishing my dominance. That idea has gone totally wrong.


Morning Rundown: Tribe Drop Series to Royals, Offense Struggling

Golden opportunities are golden for a reason. Let's just hope that this is... like a sliver opportunity and that the best is yet to come. Right? Right...


Morning Rundown: The Big Ewww Helps Snap Royals Streak

The mood was trending towards being one of those days and I should have known after Butler's home run that there would be doom on this day... I should have realized this early and not gotten my hopes up that our Tribe would be able to dismay the Royals once again.


Morning Rundown: The Jack Hannahan of New Trades and Old

What's that saying? And the meek shall inherit the earth? Yeah, if the meek continue to lose games, it may be awhile before they inherit anything.


Guest Author: Sports Empower

The following is a guest post from Zachary Fenell. He's a writer and author who has written a book entitled "Off Balance". Visit him at his website  http://www.zacharyfenell.com/ and check out his other contributing work on Yahoo! Sports and Cleveland State of Mind. You can also follow him on Twitter.


Morning Rundown: Tribe Take Seven for the Road

It's rather hard to be so critical of the last loss of a road trip in where your team ventured off to the West Coast and managed to go 7-2. However, it's hard to put too much stock into said road trip when the three teams you racked up some wins against are the Kansas City Royals (proud owners of a 10-game losing streak), Seattle Mariners (proud victims of a Phil Humber perfect game), and the Oakland Athletics (proudly the most offensively challenged team in the American League). But uh, let's try to make sense of it all.


Morning Rundown: Vargas Leaves Indians Sleepless

When Run DMC came together with Aerosmith to help them out with "Walk This Way" they wanted it to be a big enough hit for the Seattle Mariners to use for this particular series against the Cleveland Indians. I can only hope the sound techs at Safeco are utilizing it justly.


Morning Rundown: Midnight Madness in Seattle

I'm getting a funny feeling about this team...


Morning Rundown: Indians and Offense Now Said in Same Sentence

The Indians play the Royals like 18 times, or something like that. Right? Just checking...


OOTP 13 Simulation: Fourth Place, Okay?

Another year, another simulation. That's right, the chance to prognosticate doom or gloom has arrived!


Morning Rundown: A Story of Defense, Masterson, and Situation Hitting

I haven't physically watched an Indians game since Monday. Thanks to rain/snow/whatever the reason it was for the game to be called on Tuesday and a noon start on Wednesday. I was dissuaded from listening to the game on my Kindle at work thanks to the 4-0 start. That will keep me productive, ya?


Morning Rundown: Half the Lineup, Half the Runs

There are days when I'm not really sure how to write this introduction, but as I've probably said before, I feel like I have to. The days are especially tough when I don't have a lot to write about. The world would definitely be easier if Ozzie Guillen was managing this team. Then I wouldn't have to worry about there not being anything worth noting. But then again, we'd all hate ourselves.


Morning Rundown: Birthday Bash Salvages Opening Series

This is it. The Grind. This is where it starts. Early April. The newness of the season is still fresh, but the frill of Opening Day is gone and the people who only come out to party and then whine and complain when the Indians don't win their first game have gone back into hibernation. This is our season now and even if you hate Eric Wedge, it's time to use his favorite term. Let's grind this season out together.


Morning Rundown: A Hurtful One of 162 for Perez, Masterson

I really thought the Indians were going to let me get a few games in without me having to scream in my car. But low-and-behold as I was on my way home from campus, sitting at a red light, there's Nino in his white oldsmobile screaming at the radio. The people around me that caught a glimpse, we're probably perplexed but if they only knew, I assume the would understand. If you were on Kent Road in Cuyahoga Falls around 6 P.M. yesterday, I wasn't crazy... I promise...


Morning Rundown: Prediction Central, Indians Not Shocking the World

Last season, on this day I provided you with a unique preview of the Indians season. You can go anywhere to get a traditional preview and by now, if you read this space often enough, I know you are an educated fan that doesn't need me to regurgitate the same stuff that's been going around all spring and what others have likely already said way better than I can.


Spring Training: And to Cleveland We Go

You guys know what tomorrow is, right? I didn't think I'd have to remind you. One more Spring Training Rundown for the road. Enjoy it.


Spring Training Rundown: Ubaldo Vs The Rockies

Well Sunday was one for activity... That's for sure. We had a benches clearing situation in the Indians and Rockies game, a possible contract extension, and oh yeah, the roster was finalize... Where should we start?