Trade Deadline Rundown: The Market Dies Down

Yesterday we looked at the 'big three' trade chips for the Tribe and evaluated if, why, and when the Indians should trade them. As the deadline rapidly approaches later today, it looks as if all three will be staying put. That begs the question... Will the Indians now be buyers?


Trade Deadline Rundown: Choo Generates Interest As Deadline Nears

Two more days is simply not enough.


Morning Rundown: Tribe 2-For-2 Against Verlander...Say What?

Ahhhhhhh!!! AHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Are you serious!? It's like freaking Christmas man! And my birthday! And Easter! And any day where I get picnic food! All rolled into one!


Morning Rundown: Lowe Man on the Totem Pole

You know what hadn't been an issue lately that suddenly had an impact in the game last night?


Morning Rundown: Just Wanting To Feel Wanted

I have had class every Tuesday and Thursday for the past two weeks. So I have had to deal with this whole "Hey the Indians are playing" thing when I'm right in the middle of class. I've resisted checking my phone, being a good student. Until last night when I couldn't stop checking and getting quietly excited with every inning that passed and the Tigers runs scored column continued to read '0'.


Morning Rundown: Indians Claim the Prelude to the Battle

If the Indians needed one thing. It was their ace to step up and deliver. And deliver he did. It was the pre-show, the warm-up, the final minutes, and the hype to a crucial battle that starts off today. It was something that was much needed.


Morning Rundown: The Fall To End Them All?

It's like this... You win a few and it doesn't look like doomsday outside. But when you lose four straight, to a team that was struggling none-the-less, then the sky is falling.


Morning Rundown: I'll Call Ya A Hearse, This is For Cody

You want to feel the good vibes of a big win, especially when you came back from what was looking like another offensive foiling. But there's something standing in your way. He has won 12 games this season and has an ERA under three. He's got some good stuff and has become one of the toughest starters in the American League. He's a former first overall pick and really, it is a given he is a heavy favorite.


Morning Rundown: I Checked My Gut at the Door

I don't want to take any sort of credit for what Carlos Santana did last night, but I would like to think that somehow I telepathically reached him and me telling him to get himself straight did the trick.


Morning Rundown: Carlos Santana Gut Check Time

A team cannot win by simply not cashing in on their opportunities. They may be able to get a few runs here or there and if they get a good pitching performance, win the game. That is kind of how the Indians are going right now. They don't look bad, the offense doesn't look horrific, the pitching is here and there. Their biggest issue is coming up with the big hit that gives them the win. Sometimes it isn't needed, but if the team is going to win consistently, it's something that better start happening.


Morning Rundown: Choo and the Pen Come Through Big

I don't take part in must-wins unless it's later in the season, and I'm not going to say this was a must win. But Boy it was really big to win it.


Morning Rundown: Three is the Most Frustrating Number for Tribe

If there was anyway we could figure out a way to get this team to do things right on both days, then look out. A 1-0 win, a slugfest loss, a shutout loss. Two good pitching performances, little support, one bad one, one offensive outburst. This is just a jumbled mess sometimes. It's a been more than a week since we've gone running so let's get to it.


Morning Rundown: Tribe's First Half Ends the Way it Started

So we had this 5-0 lead on Sunday heading into the All-Star break. I think every team wants to go into the break with a win and feeling good about where this team is. But we don't need a win to feel good about where this team is.


Tribe Daily Invitational: June 2012 Update

A few months ago, I had an idea. An idea that would unite a brand of misfits in one common goal. To help me satisfy the need of being in a normal fantasy baseball league and establishing my dominance. That idea has gone totally wrong.


Morning Rundown: Cowboy Up! Tomlin wrangles Rays

We just... We just saw that correctly right? Josh Tomlin? He was the one pitching there yesterday? Okay just checking.


Morning Rundown: Offense Backs McAllister, Saves Hannahan

It may be time to admit something... Something that I probably will regret doing.


Morning Rundown: Weaver Too Good For Too Long Against Tribe

So you know who is really good? Jered Weaver. Yeah he's pretty good. Like, probably one of the best.


Morning Rundown: Tribe Storm Through Baltimore; Rage and Cabs Return to Midsummer Classic

I can't remember the last time the Indians won a Saturday game. I mean, I could go and look to prove my point, but the point is that. I can't remember the last time they won a Saturday game. They've been winning the Friday games and sometimes the Sundays, but those Saturday games I always feel like they've been losing them. Well they won one this weekend and then went ahead and won on Sunday too. We call that a weekend winning streak.


Manny Acta Golden Fedora: June 2012

You may have heard the term "Golden Sombrero" used in baseball talk. It is in reference to a hitter striking out three times in a game. Well on this blog, we have the Golden Fedora, which is far better and more coveted. You also don't suck to get it.