Morning Rundown: Wake Me Up When September Starts

I know some people are wondering how I can continually do this to myself. Come up every morning and talk about a team that essentially does not need talked about. Talk about games that are perceived to be meaningless and talk about a team that has fallen far far out of any sort of contention and into an abyss of horrific baseball.


Morning Rundown: Just A Fish Out of Water

At this point we should just be looking to run the clock out of August. It seems silly to think that a new month will produce any other results, but with just five wins this month, maybe moving the calendar over will bring some sort of different feel.


Morning Rundown: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Today's question: Do the Indians make it to 60 wins before they make it to 80 losses? They have seven losses to go before 80, but five wins to go before 60. It's only a two game difference but you have to figure the law of averages has to work itself out at some point with this team's record.


Morning Rundown: An Around the Diamond Tribute to Justin Toole

The Streak Part II is over... The Indians have 18 home games left on the season (16 road games, including another 10 game swing). They'll see four playoff contenders (Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, Texas) in the final stretch. They'll see all but Oakland twice, but they have four games with the A's. If you want out now, I'd understand.


Morning Rundown: Another Eight for the Road; Tribe's DH Future

You mean today is an off day? Oh sweet mercy. I'm not sure if I can handle nine right now, I need a day. And since there's no game on Thursday, that means I don't have to agonize in a long post about losing nine. Because you know it's coming, it's likely coming.


Morning Rundown: Ignore Them, They're Just 40,000 Fans in Yellow Shirts

A Hernandez won and a Hernandez lost. That was very likely with two starting in Seattle on Tuesday night. Of course it would have been even more impressive if a Hernandez got a save. Someone call the OTHER Roberto Hernandez. You know, the one that is old as dirt and was still old as dirt when he pitched for the Indians. He could probably still get it up there.


Morning Rundown: Chris Perez's Rage Machine

Boy, the way things are going, we may have to start worrying about finishing last and shy of 70 wins, because loss 70 is quickly approaching and if this slide continues, they'll be at it by the end of this road trip. I know, what's the big deal? Fifth is the same as third and fourth, it isn't in contention and it isn't anything close to where the Indians want to be.


Morning Rundown: Road Woes Continue; Can Carrera Compete?

You know you've reached the point of the season when it is completely over when you have Tom Hamilton talking about M.C. Hammer in the sixth inning. And talking about him multiple times.


Morning Rundown: Defense Botches Hernandez's Debut

Now pitching for the Cleveland Indians... Number fifty-five, Roberto Hernandez...


Morning Rundown: Jekyll Jimenez Comes Out to Play; Bobby's Ballad

Well that certainly did last... It wasn't but a few days ago that Ubaldo Jimenez took the blame for Scott Radinsky getting fired. Last night he did his best job to try and get Rubin Niebla canned before he could even be in Cleveland for a week.


Morning Rundown: Bottom's Up In Rare Road Victory

Ultimately what is funny about last night is that what I said yesterday morning actually played out. And it actually didn't even make me right, it also made me wrong.


Morning Rundown: The Ones That Don't Matter

Oh what's that? Just another day in the life of the Cleveland Indians. Lose 14-1, no biggie, not like we haven't seen anything like that before, right?


Morning Rundown: The Big Oooooh on Display in Second Straight Win

Lou Brown invoked, they call that a winning streak. Of course two in-a-row is simply back-to-back wins, but after 11 straight of the bad kind, you will call this a win streak and you will like it.


Morning Rundown: Sweet Sweet Relief



Morning Rundown: The Baseball Wound Continues to Fester

No more.... Just no more please.


Morning Rundown: Losing The Popularity Contest

Scott Diamond is 10-5. The Twins have scored the 14th most runs in all of baseball.

And the Indians are the ones in third place?


Morning Rundown: The Long and Winding Road...Trip

It's over... It's finally over! The road trip that the baseball demons created is finally over. The Indians endured beat downs, shutouts, heartbreakers, bad pitching, bad hitting, bad fielding, bad everything. They saw two teams who absolutely suck make the Indians look like the suck even more. Through it all, it looked as if they were going to at least get out with ONE win, but that wasn't to be the case.


Morning Rundown: Needing More Than a Fightin' Chance

When your starter can't get out of the fifth and you have to go to the bullpen, you can only do so much as a bullpen. Of course when your opponent's starter can't get out of the third, you have no excuses.


Morning Rundown: Running Royals Run Tribe to Five Straight

Part of me thinks that there is still some fight left in this team and that this season, although it looks like it is spiraling away, can still be something. That the Indians, despite this patch of games that looks to be taking them out of the race, they can still make something happen. The other part of me is disgusted to watch the team lose like this, because there is no part of me that doesn't believe the first part is not true. This team can do make something happen, but they simply are not.


Manny Acta Golden Fedora: July 2012

You may have heard the term "Golden Sombrero" used in baseball talk. It is in reference to a hitter striking out three times in a game. Well on this blog, we have the Golden Fedora, which is far better and more coveted. You also don't suck to get it.

Morning Rundown: The Lowe Point of the Season

This could be the point in the season where the Indians are at their lowest. Or it could get worse from here. Who knows? I mean if they end up losing two more to the Royals, that is certainly pretty bad, but I can't imagine things getting much more frustrating.