Manny Rundown: The Final Act

Usually the morning after a day with no game yields few notes, if anything of substance to do an entire rundown on, which is why I almost never do it. But I'd be missing valuable opportunity to strike while the iron is still hot on the Manny Acta front.


Morning Rundown: WhiteSox Down, Joy in the Misery of Others

The Chicago White Sox pushed Jake Peavy back a start. The ultimate slap in the face for a team not in the race as they prepare to face a much stiffer test in Tampa. I can understand why they did it, but if I'm the Indians, I use that as enough motivation.


Morning Rundown: All About Kluber; Pestano's Redemption

I'm glad the White Sox only hit three solo home runs and not four. Just saying...


Morning Rundown: Death, Taxes, and Adam Dunn Homers

One way to get the world off the backs of MLB Umpires? Let the NFL bring in replacement refs. Then those boys in blue aren't so bad after all and the calling for machines doesn't seem to be a big topic of discussion. That's pretty cool.


Morning Rundown: Gone Quicker Than a 20 Dollar Bill

So an 8-4 lead isn't anything, especially since you trailed until the sixth inning. So I guess that the game all in all was a very up-in-the-air affair. The final score isn't really indicative to what happened, especially in the weekend as a whole considering the Tribe dropped the previous two meetings on Friday and Saturday.


Morning Rundown: Not a Normal Afternoon in Cleveland

There's one thing the Indians did by beating the Twins on Thursday afternoon. They did avoid a sweep, but that isn't what we're concentrated on right now.


Morning Rundown: No, Really, You're Still Watching?

Yeah I know, the questions. You're still watching this team? How can you? The answer is really simple. I love baseball.


Morning Rundown: The Undeserving Bunch

I guess two walk-off wins in a row is too much to ask. Oh well. As Rick Manning said, at least we had fun for a few months this season.


Morning Rundown: You're Welcome Chicago!

If there's one thing I enjoy more than beating Detroit, it's beating Detroit with that spaz on the mound blowing things. Golf-clap Spazverde, golf-clap!


Morning Rundown: Tribe Foiled Again in Texas

There are a 162 games in a season. The Indians are at 59 wins. If they were to end up losing 100, they'd only end up winning no more than three more games. The thought is crazy considering they have 19 games left, six of which are against the Royals and Twins. They can win more than three in there, right? RIGHT?


Morning Rundown: Yeah I Just Stare At My Desk

Sometimes... Sometimes I just sit there and stare. Last night, I laid there and watched the ship sink. I didn't jump off though. I decided that drowning in the sorrow of another Jimenez effort was a nice way to spend a Tuesday night.


Morning Rundown: Welcome Back Chiz; The Masterson Conundrum

There it is... Last place. Indians, meet bottom. It feels like a rock.


Morning Rundown: Change To Embrace With Perez's Comments?

I know every day we lose a few people and with every loss people dropped like flies, but we probably lost as many people as we will all year this morning. Or maybe not.


Morning Rundown: Sometimes, You Just Run Out of Headlines

If Miguel Cabrera didn't play for the Tigers, the Indians might have an even better record against the Tigers than they already do. Not that he's overly killed them compared to anyone else. I mean the rest of baseball would feel better about themselves if Cabrera wasn't terrorizing pitching rotations and bullpens.


Morning Rundown: Is This Real? A Winning Streak?

I posed the question on Twitter. This is the Cleveland Indians team we saw in April and May, the one we've seen in the past two games. My question: Where did they go and why did it take so long for them to come back?


Morning Rundown: Tribe Puts in Hard Day of Work on Labor Day

Boy the Tigers are not going to like playing the Indians down the stretch if the Indians can play like THAT in the remaining five games they have with them. It could be fun to play the spoiler with nothing left to win.


Morning Rundown: A Model to Envy and Emulate

Here it is... The month the Indians have been waiting for. One that is not August. I'll be forever mystified by the "We can't wait til August is over" quotes, but I get it. They've mentally made up in their minds that August has been a total disaster and that once it passes, things will get better. Whatever helps everyone sleep at night I guess. As long as things change in September. If the first two games are any indication, they'll likely win at least more than five.


Manny Acta Golden Fedora: August 2012

You may have heard the term "Golden Sombrero" used in baseball talk. It is in reference to a hitter striking out three times in a game. Well on this blog, we have the Golden Fedora, which is far better and more coveted. You also don't suck to get it.