BBA Awards Ballot 2012

As is the case every year, as a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, I have the opportunity to cast my ballot for our year end awards. You may disagree with me, in fact you probably will.

We vote for manager, rookie, reliever, pitcher, and best overall player. Here is my ballot this year. I only vote for the American League as a member of the Cleveland Chapter.

Connie Mack Award (Best Manager)

3. Robin Ventura, CHW
2. Bob Melvin, OAK
1. Buck Showalter, BAL

To do what Buck Showalter did with the Baltimore Orioles, in the division they are in, he needs to be commended. This isn't really anything special, but I'm sure he'll be formally recognized next month. Bob Mevlin also did good (even though it was shrewd front office moves) in turning Oakland into AL West champs and third, Robin Ventura for guiding the White Sox back into contention.

Willie Mays Award (Best Rookie)

3. Ryan Cook, OAK
2. Yoenis Cespedes, OAK
1. Mike Trout, LAA

Mike Trout is the hands down winner and even though he's not 'young', Yoenis Cespedes is technically a rookie and had quite the year. Ryan Cook is third with one of the best years for a reliever period, not just rookies.

Goose Gossage Award (Best Reliever)

3. Rafael Soriano, NYY
2. Jim Johnson, BAL
1. Fernando Rodney, TB

There isn't anything more lights out than someone pitching in 76 games, tossing 74 innings and giving up five, yes, five earned runs. Fernando Rodney was on fire this year and even though he was just second in saves with 48, he was the best closer this year, period.

Walter Johnson Award (Best Pitcher)

5. Chris Sale, CHW
4. Felix Hernandez, SEA
3. Jered Weaver, LAA
2. Justin Verlander, DET
1. David Price, TB

David Price is a 20 game winner and the leader in ERA. Not much else in terms of a discussion for me.

Stan Musial Award (Best Overall Player)
10. Josh Willingham, MIN
9. Josh Hamilton, TEX
8. Billy Butler, KC
7. Curtis Granderson, NYY
6. Adam Jones, BAL
5. Robinson Cano, NYY
4. Edwin Encarnacion, TOR
3. Mike Trout, LAA
2. Adrian Beltre, TEX
1. Miguel Cabrera, DET

This is a vote for best overall player, not MVP. As much as I think Mike Trout did a nice job for the Angels and my disdain for Cabrera, he is the best right now. Adrian Beltre for me was second because again, this isn't a MVP award vote, and I think no one was better than Beltre but Miguel Cabrera. Then comes Trout, the underrated Encarnacion and a bunch of other really good players.

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