Offseason Rundown: Winding Down to Wind Back Up

Oh February, how I've awaited you. How we all have awaited you.


Piece by Piece: Bullpen

The thought was to do this as the closer position, but that was actually a month or so ago when there was still the question of whether or not Chris Perez was going to be around this club.


Offseason Rundown:A Lesson Learned for Bauer and WBC News

All of a sudden, we're closing in on the season. The NFL is winding down with just three games left in their season, and once that is done, baseball is at the next exit. Teams report to spring training and that is as exciting as you can get.


Offseason Rundown: Are You Not Excited Now?

I was tempted to go through the entire Nick Swisher press conference and count the number of times that the man said the word "excited". It was like Tim Tebow sitting up there after being traded to the New York Jets. He's just so darn excited to be here!


Offseason Rundown: Who Are These Cleveland Indians?

So my question right now is a rather simple one. It's a good question for a team like the Indians to have at this current state.