Rangers Dismantle McAllister, Bauer Shines

Indians - 0 | Rangers - 10

That was a rough one. Not so good for starter Zach McAllister as he got bounced around Surprise, Arizona by the bats of the Texas Rangers, minus Elvis Andrus, for a peculiar reason.

Anyway, McAllister clearly did not have it, or was working on something in particular in this one where he gave up five runs off seven hits and a walk in his two frames.

"It was just way too many pitches over the middle of the plate," Indians manager Terry Francona said of McAllister's outing. "For the most part, we had three or four guys kind of like that today. It wasn't the ability to throw strikes. It was really just giving them a lot of pitches over the middle of the plate, letting them get extended. It's one of those days where you're glad it's Spring Training."

Okay, so he just did not have it. McAllister's second outing not as good as his first, but again, it is still February  and he has plenty of time to round into form. He's not in any danger of being bumped out of what I think is a likely rotation spot. He has one or two more of those before he has to start thinking of fighting for his spot if you ask me.

LOLTribe: 2/28 Ryan Raburn Fire Burning in the Outfield

It's the most celebrated and highly acclaimed feature on The Tribe Daily...

I'm not going to lie. My redemption effort last week was pretty damn good. Justin Masterson as the Browns QB? I crack myself up!

Nonetheless, you're only as good as your last effort and I'm back to continue the ridiculousness that is this feature. Remember, I also gave you the opportunity to give me your best shot. Perhaps you aren't creative or the picture wasn't bad, because no one gave it a shot. So maybe no one wants to try. But from now on, if you do, you can still submit it to me and I'll feature it here the next time (you can use http://wigflip.com/roflbot/ to produce something if you are not super tech savvy) I post LOLTribe.

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Got that? Good...

Mariners Top Tribe Starters; Gomes Keeps Hitting

Mariners - 5 | Indians - 1

The Indians suffered their second straight spring loss at the hands of the Mariners. That's far from the story though.

All everyone is talking about is the fire alarm going off that went off to delay the game for a few minutes.

Damn spring training ballparks, they just don't make them as well as they used to.

The problem in this one wasn't the fire alarm, but rather starter Corey Kluber who came on in relief to pitch the fourth and fifth innings. He had a solid fifth, but struggled in the fourth giving up three runs off five hits. He was touched up for a solo home run and Francona said he just didn't look right in the first.


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