LOLTribe: 2/15 Lemme Show You How...

It's the most celebrated and highly acclaimed feature on The Tribe Daily and it is back...that's right!

I present to you the return of LOLTribe! We're going to do things much different this time around. Instead of a batch of pictures going up, I'll pick my spots, only to provide you with the stupidest and most ridiculous of ideas that come from my head when I see a certain picture involving the Cleveland Indians.

Another wrinkle. I'm not the smartest, nor funniest man alive. In fact I'm not even in the top five billion. Definitely top six, but not top five. So with that in mind, after I give you my best effort, I want to see if you've got a better idea (and you usually do). So send me your best effort (you can use http://wigflip.com/roflbot/ to produce something if you are not super tech savvy , and I'll give a tip of the hat to you and your effort in the next LOLTribe edition.

There's only a few rules.

1.) Nothing extremely crude...
2.) TV References can earn you brownie points.
3.) Have fun with it.

You can submit your entries to me on Twitter (@TheTribeDaily), on Facebook, or through e-mail.

Got that? Good...

You're first LOLTribe of the 2013 season...

The picture is courtesy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Chuck Crow.


And, for your entry, you can find the original picture, here.

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