LOLTribe: 2/28 Ryan Raburn Fire Burning in the Outfield

It's the most celebrated and highly acclaimed feature on The Tribe Daily...

I'm not going to lie. My redemption effort last week was pretty damn good. Justin Masterson as the Browns QB? I crack myself up!

Nonetheless, you're only as good as your last effort and I'm back to continue the ridiculousness that is this feature. Remember, I also gave you the opportunity to give me your best shot. Perhaps you aren't creative or the picture wasn't bad, because no one gave it a shot. So maybe no one wants to try. But from now on, if you do, you can still submit it to me and I'll feature it here the next time (you can use http://wigflip.com/roflbot/ to produce something if you are not super tech savvy) I post LOLTribe.

You can submit your entries to me on Twitter (@TheTribeDaily), on Facebook, or through e-mail.

Got that? Good...

Remember that chick that was obsessed with Colby Rasmus? They call her Rasmus Girl. She made a song parody to that song about fires burning on a dance floor, only it was Colby Rasmus burning in the outfield. I hope Colby didn't suffer too many burns, or that someone had the decency to put him out. That's the inspiration to the title of this post, but really has nothing to do with this LOLTribe picture.

Yesterday's fire alarm does.

Original picture from Getty Images through Zimbio.

This...Raburn is on FIREEEEEEE!
Original picture can be found here...

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