LOLTribe: 3/14 Here Comes Rich Hill, Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

It's the most celebrated and highly acclaimed feature on The Tribe Daily...

I know you missed it since the last time it was here, so here it is to save the day.

Remember that if you'd like to try your own, submit it to me and I'll feature it here the next time (you can use http://wigflip.com/roflbot/ to produce something if you are not super tech savvy) I post LOLTribe.

You can submit your entries to me on Twitter (@TheTribeDaily), on Facebook, or through e-mail.

Got that? Good...

It would not be right if I didn't use this week's awesome Tribe Harlem Shake as a platform to submit an LOLTribe entry for you. There were a lot of good costumes and pictures available and really, I could have just posted the video to automatically play when you visit the site, but some of you may not watch it on a continuous loop like I do.

Even though you know you should...

So with the help of pitcher Frank Herrmann on the picture, I present the latest LOLTribe, Real #TribeShake Indians Edition, brought to you by salsa dancing Tito Francona... And Rich Hill's inclusion into the Indians bullpen.

Rich Hill is... THE BUNNY

Original picture can be found here...

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