Positive Swish: Scott Kazmir Will Save Our Rotation!

Things have been rough this week. I know how you feel. It looks kind of bleak, like there's no hope for this team. I mean, the Astros? The Red Sox, okay, that's different. Once we get over the fact that Ubaldo is just bad and there's no hope, we could at least look for the other four games he doesn't pitch. There's got to be something there.

And hey the Astros are everyone's favorite whipping boy, we can get a few wins, maybe three off of them. A sweep? Sure. But at least two.

Yeahhhh...about that. Two wins are still possible, but look ever so hopeless with Ubaldo's start on Sunday. Or at least, one inning of relief work at the beginning of the game. Whatever it turns out to be.

I know how you feel. You feel kind of cruddy after watching this week of Indians baseball and hope it turns around here with two days left. So let's go with that, and let's bring some good karma with a positive message.

You're probably saying, "save your positive hokum and just give us a starting pitcher!" and to that, I say, okay. You're a little crazy, because this isn't hokum. This is real man! Or should I say... Bro

If that doesn't clue you in to what is coming next, maybe the title will. I know you may be a little sick of LOLTribe, considering I haven't been on the greatest roll with them, so let's try something new, courtesy of the awesome photograph we got a week ago thanks to Nick Swisher's walk off win.

And his positive energy.

And his upbeat attitude.

And his overuse of the word 'Bro'.

Introducing to you, Positive Swish and his upbeat message for you on this Saturday in April, where the weather is gloomier than the rotation. Take it and feel good about it. We got this Bro!

Don't worry bro, I've got you. A starting pitcher. A new one. He starts tonight and he gets us a win. Believe it and and believe in it. We got this man! I'm excited for it. He's got it! Roll Tribe!

So there you have it. Positive Swish, here to give you some hope, to get you excited for tonight's game against the Astros. Remember, Bro, we got this!

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