Positive Swish: Stubbs! You Kiddin' Me?!

I think that even though the Indians have won five straight, because they never even won more than four games in a row last year, we have a small reason to celebrate.

And while I thought we would be reserving Positive Swish for the occasions when we needed a pick-me-up, I think after I used him after the Indians destroyed the Astros too, all occasions are acceptable. Including walk-off victories and five game win streaks.

If anything, Positive Swish can turn the tide, or keep it moving positively in the right direction. So if it leads to six and even seven wins in a row, why not? And don't worry, I know the rest of the team might be getting jealous that there is Positive Swish and Bro of the Month, but none of them have run around on the field like an airplane.

So here we go. We've got our Nick Swisher upbeat message for you this weekend. Enjoy it and breathe in the positivity.

Because even though he is has been out the past three games with some soreness, a bro is never too hurt or injured to celebrate a big W. Hence the fact he was one of the first people out to high-five and then beat up Drew Stubbs after his walk-off double last night against the Twins.

Oh, Swish.

Bro, never ever pass up an opportunity to smile and celebrate! Get excited any chance you get. Sore shoulder? Stubby's hit was enough medicine to make it feel better. I might just be in the lineup today because of it. We have to keep this train rolling... Rolling? How about, Roll Tribe! Say it with me...WE.GOT.THIS!

We got this? Do we ever. Do we ever...

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