Pulse of the Tribe: Cleveland Hates Chris Perez

The last time I did this little adventure into the world of Twitter searches, I came away amazed at how creative some people were at bashing Ubaldo Jimenez.

We reached the brink of insanity with watching Ubaldo after he went out and had one of the worst games of his Indians career. Twitter exploded. I even had enough. I was ready to discard Jimenez along with his dirty socks.

This time, it's a little different. Maybe I'm preying on the vulnerability of Cleveland with this, but I'm sick and tired of seeing Chris Perez bashed for his pitching.

You can hate him for his mouth, which got him in trouble last year, but to wish death upon another human being over a baseball game? Perhaps it is the anonymity of Twitter that let's people get away with these things. I have no clue why people say the things they say.

They still say it. I'll have some good tweets for your viewing pleasure. The ones that can be creative in their dissing of Chris Perez get their just due. They're clever, witty, and tasteful. If you can rip someone in good fun, you are a good fan.

If you wish death upon someone because they gave up a few home runs, you need to seek help.. Or you need me to tell you why you are wrong, which I'll most absolutely do.

All very well crafted Tweets that either put things in perspective or playfully roast Perez. All of the following? Not so much.

I only put this one there because this is one example of all the Tweets that I CAN'T display because people use profanity and derogatory names. If "dbag" is on the low end of that spectrum, you know you have some rude people out there.
Thank you for spelling Vinnie Pestano correctly....
Right, every time, which is why he's saved 81 of his 91 past opportunities.
Yup, LITERALLY every game. Because he's saved over 70 games the past three seasons. Yup, every game, he blows.
Didn't think the two All-Star appearances were humorous. Not sure what this is about.
The only thing different is the fact that the game against the Mariners was Game 7 of the World Series, Edgar Renteria wasn't hitting, and the Indians were playing the Mariners and not the Marlins. Other than that, yeah it was a pretty good impression.
I doubt his wife will divorce him for giving up a home run to Justin Smoak
And you sir would be looked upon as a fool with no moral code. Have a nice life.

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