Pulse of the Tribe: The Ohio Cup

It has become almost a legend.
Ohio Pennant? What? - Wikipedia


The Ohio Cup.

This morning, it kept up it's residency in Cleveland, with the Red Legs from Cincinnati failing to bring home the coveted desired sought-after mildly interested in take-it-or leave it piece of hardware.

Where in Cleveland is another question. We think it is somewhere in Progressive Field, but no one is sure. It only makes an appearance once a year, and then goes away again. It's like the Easter Bunny, only without chocolate filled eggs or jelly beans.

So now that we have the Ohio Cup, what do we do? Can you really consider it a win with the series split yet again? No one has actually really won the cup in a few years. The Indians just keep winning it by default really.

Should we gloat? Parade around any Reds fan that we know?

Or just act sarcastic about the whole thing, like I'm doing now?

Let's just see what the world thinks...

If you don't think that the Reds fans are disappointed, you obviously don't know how much the Ohio Cup means to them...

And Castrovince notes that their failure in claiming the coveted cup is just as bad as their failures in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

Meanwhile, we are clamoring in Cleveland....

Wait... We split the series?

It doesn't matter, consider, we went from the Gutter to the Grail in just a few short days....

And because we STILL own the Cup's rights.

Until next year, at least....

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