Positive Swish: What's a SWOON Anyway?

The last time Positive Swish came rolling around, he didn't really have a big impact. So maybe a double-dose of Positive Swish is just what we need right now. Before we get too far into June, Swish is here to swoosh in and save us.

Anti-Tiger Karma... Let's go!

Positive Vibes, Positive Vibes, Positive (HI-)FIVES BRO! WE GOT THIS!!!

June Swoon? Don't worry about it bro, this is a different team, a different year. I don't even know what a swoon is. Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure I'm too cool for it to come in and disrupt our mojo. C'Mon, this is BrO-HIO! WE GOT THIS!

Let's go Masty, stop this streak.

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