Sunday Grazing: Hammy's Words, Bauer's Rap, and Bobbleheads

One time is just something tried. Twice is a coincidence. Three times a trend. That isn't the exact phrase, in any way a person would say it, except for me. But you get the point. Or maybe you don't, because like always, I haven't made it quite yet. You should know I NEVER make a point within the first paragraph of a post.

Which is why I'm telling you that this is the second edition of Sunday Grazing, thus making this feature a coincidence. I mean, it isn't really a coincidence that this happened, considering I planned to write this, but you get the picture right. Next week, if it happens, Sunday Grazing will officially be a trend, a thing, a regular occurrence that you can count on.

And it will be that fourth week that I have no material for it, thus making that trend an adoration.

Sunday Grazing, a little bit of an outside the diamond look at the Cleveland Indians.


Chicago White Sox fans probably love Ken "Hawk" Harrelson. He's their guy. I mean, they might not, I have no clue. If there's anyone out there that follows another team that thinks we all like Matt Underwood, they're sadly mistaken. So maybe I'm mistaken in thinking that Sox fans love their colorful and homeristic play-by-play man.

One thing I do know for sure is that just about every Indians fan loves Tom Hamilton. The beauty of him is that he doesn't just have a great home run call and an enthusiastic spirit to the game's big moments. He is really a gem of a play-by-play radio voice. Hammy makes you feel like you are watching the game if you are listening to the good old radio dial.

This week, Hammy came under some fire though. If you've ever listened to a game Hammy has called, you love his wit and sense of humor. He has subtle ways of throwing jabs in at teams or situations. I remember a time when he was recapping scores during the month of May a few years back. Up came the Royals, they lost, and as if it had actually happened and he had the evidence to back it up, Hammy simply said "and the Royals have been eliminated from the playoffs."

Of course they weren't really eliminated from the playoffs, but Hammy knows their bad and not going to finish out of the baseman in the Central. He has fun with what he does and the fact that he can not take himself too seriously makes him someone we can all connect with.

He also gets fired up. Which he did after Aroldis Chapman's antics in Monday's game against Cincinnati. No bother rehashing that. Here is what he said in the heat of moment as he was calling the game.

"What you'd love to see Swisher do here is knock it right off the temple of Chapman and see how much fun it is to have a ball coming at your head," Hamilton said. "That is bush league."

"You just can't be throwing at people's heads," Hamilton said. "The first one may have gotten away, the second one did not. And there are three more games to go with the Reds. This isn't over yet.

"I'll guarantee you one thing: (manager Terry) Francona will make sure that this is settled on the field."

Viciously invigorating for a Tribe fan to hear. It's almost as if it is something we would say. Which is why we all love Hamilton. It's something we would say. It's something that we were all thinking. Hamilton is loved because he is like us and says things that we want to say, things that we do say, and thinks the way we think.

I wanted Nick Swisher to run out and clothesline Chapman. If I said that here on the blog, it would be no big deal. Partially because I don't have thousands of people reading this like Hamilton has listening to him. Hamilton received some harsh criticism, mostly by Reds fans. And very rarely do you see a team's radio man get featured in a story by the Associated Press.

Hamilton, wouldn't talk about it. The reason Hamilton's calls are so good? He doesn't make it about him. He isn't flashy. He just has raw emotion and feeling. And as he does with his calls, he did with his statement about what he said.

He's not the story here, what he said was said.

That's why Hammy is awesome and that's why we love him. The story died there. Mostly because nothing transpired between the Reds and Indians over what happened with Chapman, but also because Hamilton killed it right there. If he rehashed it, it takes more of a life than had he just ignored it, which he essentially did. It brings me to this unfortunate piece of what I wanted to talk about.

You could have listened to the Hamilton audio of what he said. Like you can listen to ALL of Tom Hamilton's best home run calls via a Facebook page called Tom Hamilton has the Best Home Run call in all of Baseball. It is a page simply run by a fan that would post a video that included audio of the Hamilton call and the video of the actual highlight.

I sometimes do this with my At-Bat app, since I get audio of every game. I like to call it Hammy-Syncing. I'll pause the game until it catches up with Hamilton and go from there. I also like to hear Matt Underwood train-wreck himself, so I don't always do it, but when I do, it's bliss.

For those of us who always like to hear how a game ended with the music of Hammy's voice, the Facebook page brought that to us. Unfortunately, the "attention" that Hamilton received due to his statements, that were captured and pasted to the highlights of Chapman pitching to Swisher by the Facebook created, has resulted in the removal of all those wonderful videos. My TCF colleague Adam Burke has the full story, you should read it and then come back.

It's pretty sad that MLB has forced Ben to remove the videos. It's a great Facebook page and highlights something we love. He's not making money, and MLB isn't losing money by the page being up. They're just being the internet patrol jerks they have been for years now. They're the stingiest professional sports league in America when it comes to content. They're videos have never been available on YouTube until this year, and any sort of video that gets put up on YouTube is destroyed immediately.

Nothing will change. We can raise a fuss, and we should continue to over this. But the MLB won't change their rules. It's unfortunate and sad that a great idea by a fan turned into something cool for all of us to enjoy and has been dampened for a stupid reason, but that's what happens when you have to deal with million-dollar industries.


I seem to love the things with blurred backgrounds or foregrounds. It shows some appreciation to the art of photography as well as tell an additional story

Photo - Getty Images (Jason Miller) via Zimbio.com
This photo tells the story pretty clearly. You have the two managers and crew chief umpire Fieldin Culbreth discussing things during the rain-delayed fun on Friday night/Saturday morning. And in the background you have the Indians' ground crew looking on, waiting, perhaps to be told to fix up the field. 


By now you've heard the epic rap song that Trevor Bauer, wrote, recorded, and presumably applied beats to, "Gutter to the Grail". If you haven't. Well, here you go.

A lot of people have assumed Bauer did this on his own, just for fun, or that perhaps teammates prodded him. Who knows. And the other assumption that this is a 2013 "season anthem" of sorts for the Cleveland Indians. I mean, it can be, but the actual reasoning for its creation is the actual Wahoo's On First Blog, even named in the song. The always brilliant Ed Carroll actually reached out to Bauer about writing a song for their blog. He came through, and also gave us this awesome piece of music.

I'm not sure why this is in the funnies section, probably because it is hilarious. Hopefully that was Bauer's intentions. If not, oops. Mark Reynolds must have found it to be funny, because he's using it as his walkup music. Or I'm the only one with the odd sense of humor.

MLB.com's Zack Meisel has full lyrics, if you are into that. At least Bauer says something other than "We started from the bottom now we're here" and doesn't repeat it five million (purposeful hyperbole) times throughout the song.

The other funny comes to us courtesy of the parodied TERRi account that posted this amazing meme using a picture that captured one of the best moments of 2012. It wasn't the fact that Aroldis Chapman blew the save against the Indians in 2012, it was the reaction it brought on by this fan.
Great moments in Cleveland Indians history.


Speaking of great moments in Tribe history, it was really weird that I jokingly predicted the actual look of yesterday's Albert Belle bobblehead.
This year, we've got two bobbleheads, both of which are of legends. And one is a newly retired legend. Omar Vizquel and Albert Belle will get their heads in bobble form, and after strong consideration, I feel as if Belle's figure should immortalize either of the two pictures in this story on WFNY. I'm of course referring to the second and third ones. And on the last picture, it would most definitely need to be a bobble-arm.
So it didn't turn out to be a bobblearm, but the Indians had their Albert Belle bobblehead on Saturday and it was in fact bringing to figurine form, the moment in 1995 when Albert Belle told the Boston Red Sox, "Here's your cork." Or, some variation of that, maybe with a few swear words.

Is it weird that I like bobbleheads? Like, too much. I'm so broke right now, but I have the Omar Vizquel bobblehead day marked on my Calendar. I might save up money just to go to that game and get it. Am I forever going to be a child because I love figurines of people that have bobbling heads? 

Maybe I will be. But that's okay. I'm just not restricted to bobbleheads either. I like little nick-nacks like that. Almost to the point where, before we lost my house, I had too many of them. In fact, if I had my collection of toys that I don't consider toys, I wouldn't have the room to display all of it. Does that make me a hoarder? I don't think so, I'd just need to have a man cave to display it one day.

Found this weird typo/error on MLB Network's Facebook page...
When did we get Mauer!?


I had some good pictures to pick from this week, but lacked any sort of good caption for the ones I did not pick. Plus this picture is just awesome.

Photo - Getty Images via Zimbio
Jason Giambi is nearly twice the age of most of the guys he plays for. Heck, he could actually be Trevor Bauer's dad if he wanted to be. Look at how happy Cabby looks in the arms of Giambi. He's like a young child who just spent a day at Disney Land stuffing his face with cotton candy. Thanks DAD!

If you have a better effort than mine, I'd like to see it. You can find the original image here, and submit entries to me on Twitter @TheTribeDaily with the hashtag #LOLTribe, on Facebook, or through e-mail. I'll feature it next time on Sunday Grazing.

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