Sunday Grazing: It's Raining Seeds, Kip's Music, and Valuable Tickets

Whoa! What's this? A post? A post!

I guess I should start this episode of Sunday Grazing (I think of it as a show, not a written piece of work) with an explanation for my absence this past week and a bit of a warning moving forward.

Remember when I got my wisdom teeth out less than two months ago? You don't? Well I did, and all seemed like it was fine a few weeks after as I healed. Then something happened. I don't know what, but as a result of the surgery or just something else that was purely coincidental, I was diagnosed with TMJ. If you don't know what it is, you can Google it if you care to know more. It is painful and not fun.

Bottom line, I took a week off. I probably could have pushed, but you would have received a sub-par performance from me and I'm not about to phone it in just to get something up. I was kind of already running on fumes the week before.

The good news is that I'm going to give this a go again and start it off with a new episode of Sunday Grazing and hopefully the Rundown falls into place as usual. The bad news is, TMJ is not something that is fixed in a few days with some medication. I'm essentially trying to rehabilitate my jaw. I have bad moments, sometimes in the evening. If you don't hear from me on a certain day, you should now know why.

And now that I've spent nearly too many words on my problems, let's get to more pressing matters.

Sunday Grazing, a little bit of an outside the diamond look at the Cleveland Indians.


We've talked a lot about the attendance issues with the Indians, especially with the team winning some ball games. We can now add some more fuel to that fire with a study from a ticket reseller group called TicketCity.

In this report from The Wallstreet Journal, the Indians rank fifth out of the 30 MLB teams in TicketCity's "Bang for the Buck" ranking. Basically what it measures is the ticket prices, home winning percentage, and skill of opponents.

You think the Indians have low ticket prices? The Pirates median resale ticket price is $15, the Indians are almost double that at $27. Factor in their success this year and the Indians are right up there. The study uses resale prices, not what the team actually sells tickets at though. We all know you can get a cheap bleacher ticket, so you won't have to spend $27 bucks just to see the Tribe.

But here's an interesting line from the article.

TicketCity communications director Meredith Owen believes that resale prices for the Pirates have remained low to date because of “fans’ skepticism of the team’s early-season success.” Clearly, the more the Pirates the win, the less skeptical those fans may be.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? 

Of course Pirates fans remain skeptical, their team hasn't been over .500 in a long time. Never mind the fact that they are up there with the best in baseball and winning in a tough division. If Pirates fans are not going to buy in yet, why should Indians fans buy into a team floating above the .500 mark, in second place, and coming off two straight season in which they've collapsed?

At least our team has lowered concession prices and it isn't incredibly expensive just to go and watch them lose. The Mets remain an expensive buy, yet sit towards the bottom of the standings. Who would want to pay money to go see that?

The Indians are in a good position. I know we've talked about this before, so I won't beat the dead horse any further, but this club is worth it. Hopefully people come around to it and start investing a little more.


This is just a pretty cool shot to capture, even though he couldn't get to the ball.

Photo - David Banks (Getty Images) via Zimbio.com
I call it, Air Yan.


What's funnier? Asdrubal Cabrera being struck out by a position player named Casper or the fact that the White Sox had to use said Casper as a pitcher in the ninth inning? Such a friendly ghost!

You know, I take for granted that ballplayers are people and that going to the game for them is essentially their job. A really cool job, but a job none-the-less. Alex Rios showed up to his job way early on Friday, but not on purpose. He thought the doubleheader started at one (a reasonable thing to assume), so he was there six hours before the games were actually supposed to start.
How does a ballplayer not know what time his game is? Has someone ever been late to getting to a game because they forgot what time it was?

Last week when the Indians game was nationally televised on FOX, the broadcast booth interviewed Vinnie Pestano. While we've seen Mike Aviles pelt his manager with sunflower seeds, we didn't see the torment Pestano underwent against the Twins while taking on television. Seeds came throughout the four minute interview and at one point someone wipes Pestano off with a towel and lays it on his shoulder. The funniest part comes in when the camera comes back to Pestano and the towel is on his head unexpectedly. Then Masterson just dumps some water on him.

You know at some point, Pestano will get them all back.

Remember when Jason Kipnis sang Adele? Of course you do. Now take a look at this recent tweet by Kip.
Kip can like whatever song he wants as long as he keeps hitting the way he is. Hell, I'd listen to that silly Icona Pop song on repeat (what a dumb song) if it meant Kipnis would hit like this every month.


When I saw that Seagull on Saturday in Chicago, I had flashbacks. Memories of 2009 when Seagulls inhabited Progressive Field for what seemed like weeks. They were everywhere. They even helped the Indians win a game when Shin-Soo pegged one of the birds on a game-winning hit against the Royals.

Remember what the Indians did to combat that? They shot off fireworks at the end of every inning. It scared the bajesus out of me whenever I was at a game because I did not expect it. The birds eventually went away and it has been sometime since we've had a bird problem in Cleveland.


I refrained from using this in LOLTribe because it is just a weird picture. But I felt like I needed to share it in case you didn't see me tweet it out last night.

Photo - Getty Images via Yahoo! Sports
It kind of looks like Mike Aviles is winding up to deliver the spanking of the century to Jason Kipnis. Kipnis has been far from bad though, unless you are the other team. Then he's just been downright nasty to you. It has been Kip doing the spanking as of late.

This Bro-hio thing is reaching weird levels of fame.

Speaking of fame, the Indians had a visitor one week ago, actor Kevin Costner, who fancies himself a Cleveland Indians fan, took batting practice with the team. We're talking about a guy who's been in numerous baseball movies here with a football movie coming up in which he portrays Cleveland's GM. He said that the Indians have "good pieces of DNA" this year. Now that's weird.


I can only wonder what Hawk Harrelson was blabbering on about on Friday night when the White Sox were getting pounded 19-10 and then the following game when they blew a three-run lead and Nick Swisher hit the go-ahead home run in the ninth.

Either way, a Hawk catchphrase is the subject of this edition of LOLTribe. Ubaldo Jimenez isn't amused with it.

Photo - AP (Charles Cherney) via Yahoo! Sports
If you have a better effort than mine, I'd like to see it. You can find the original image here, and submit entries to me on Twitter @TheTribeDaily with the hashtag #LOLTribe, on Facebook, or through e-mail. I'll feature it next time on Sunday Grazing.

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