Sunday Grazing: Rally Sinkhole, AJ Peersenskii, and Alright!

A Happy Father's Day out there to you and your Dad today. Give him a hug today for all the cool things he's ever done for you. Father's Day is a Baseball Day in my eyes. MLB celebrates it with the blueing of everything (Tobias!) of everything.

Dad's typical give the gift of baseball. Whether it's having a catch in the backyard (GOB just wanted to play catch with his dad) or what my dad did. Take me to a bunch of game. With that though, the gift of baseball comes what really is the most special part of it all. Spending time together. So, thanks to all the dads out there that give baseball, but with it, time spent with their sons.

I was in Arrested Development sort of mood, sorry to ruin the moment. Come on!

Sunday Grazing, a little bit of an outside the diamond look at the Cleveland Indians.


Lots of talk over the fact that Miguel Cabrera threw his gum at Ryan Raburn last Sunday during the Tigers victory over the Tribe. Raburn was going into third when Cabrera looked to take something from his mouth and then fire it at Raburn, who flinched after so.

GIF - BlessYouBoys via WFNY
The context, Raburn hit his second home of the series against his former team at his old ballpark AND that hit broke up the shutout and no-hitter that rookie Jose Alvarez was throwing.

Oh, that's not a reason to throw your gum at someone you are saying?

While rude, because it is something that has been in your mouth, let's settle down about it.

For one, we don't know if he actually did throw it. Well, we do, because Ryan Raburn said he did, or at least he threw something. Because Raburn said it hit him in his neck. He's fine with it though, because Cabrera is "his buddy."

"Miggy's my buddy," Raburn said with a smile. "It was kind of funny, because it kind of messed up my stride a little bit and I almost missed third base. He's always kidding around, doing something. He's just a big kid."

I saw a lot of Indians fans completely trashing Cabrera as a no-class fool. Hey, look, we're talking about a guy with off the field problems in the past. He's been busted for driving under the influence, and if you ask me, that is one thing I don't tolerate, because you are being stupid and putting others in an unnecessary risk for their lives.

He's also been the subject of domestic violence claims by his wife. These two things make him a jerk of a human being. He's made incredibly stupid decisions off the field and been in trouble for some horrible things.

But man, the guy tossed his gum at his old teammate. Let's slow down. Good natured ribbing. It makes baseball fun. If Raburn had an issue with it, you'd have seen him call Cabrera a "little chicken****" like some other MLB players have done this past week.


Sometimes when you see a photo, you just know it's a good one... In this case, let me tell you the story of Friday's game in three photos, the last one being the best..

Photo - Getty Images (Jason Miller) via Zimbio.com


Last week's "Bro-dition" of Sunday Funnies was fun, but we're all out Bro Notes, or "Brotes" if you well. But Nick Swisher is back with a comical commercial for DicksSportingGoods. It's also a serious commercial, but Nick Swisher is involved, so how can it not turn out funny?

I don't quite get the ending, but do we get it anytime someone comes out and pies their teammate with a plate of shaving cream? No. Perhaps the best part is seeing him yell "Go Tribe" at the end of it. And because that's the best part of it, you can also see it in GIF format, over and over and over again.

I struggled putting this in either the funniest or the weird laboratory, because of the awkward kissing. But the idea is well executed and I think Vinnie Pestano has a future in...something other than baseball. Perhaps television hosting, or cooking show host, or even being a one-man Vin Scully-like baseball announcer. 

He's already got a catchphrase for whatever he does...

ALRIGHT! Last week we remembered the great Bullpen Mafia video from the MLB Fan Cave. This was okay, and seeing Zach McAllister out of his baseball skin was fun. "Hugging it out" at the end was pretty good. Well done boys.

The Indians signed their high school phenom first round pick on Saturday and he was in Cleveland to be welcomed to the organization. The players saw that as an opportunity to wear red wigs in support of their new ginger. You can see that interaction here.

I think that deserves an Alright!

You should read this excellent post by the Plain Dealer's Dennis Manoloff, where he talks to Vinnie Pestano about his daily routine. ALRIGHT!


I saw someone on Twitter tweet out the following photo to Jason Kipnis, and was reminded of a great moment in Tribe history. The day our fans made an awesome sign.

Photo - US Presswire (David Richard) via SBNation.com
I really don't need to add any additional comment. I can just let it speak for itself.


The following is why this section of Sunday Grazing was made. It is beyond weird. But this is baseball, so you should expect nothing less.

On Tuesday the Indians and Rangers had their batting practices canceled because of a sinkhole behind the pitcher's mound. Um, yeah. Not just a little path of missing field, a whole you can literally step into. There was a busted pipe that caused the hole.

I just... That's weird man. But you know what happened? The Indians won three straight after that sinkhole. So, you could say it kind of saved the season. Rally Sauce? How about Rally Sinkhole!


No intro needed...

Photo - Getty Images (Rick Yeatts) via Zimbio.com
If you have a better effort than mine, I'd like to see it. You can find the original image here, and submit entries to me on Twitter @TheTribeDaily with the hashtag #LOLTribe, on Facebook, or through e-mail. I'll feature it next time on Sunday Grazing.

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