Sunday Grazing: Wronged Wahoo, Bro'in It Up, and Brody Baum

Remember? Threes-a-trend. Here we are, three weeks in a row. You want to know what four times is? Four times is, I stop mentioning it, and finally write a new introduction that pulls you into reading this.

Ahh, who am I kidding? You're going to read it anyway, because it is your new favorite feature on this website.

Sunday Grazing, a little bit of an outside the diamond look at the Cleveland Indians.


I'm not sure if you were all a fan of the camouflage theme that MLB ran with for Memorial Day this year. But ever since it became cool to go with "themed uniforms" like what the NBA does for Christmas and the NFL does for October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), Major League Baseball just keeps trying to top itself. They really are the originator of it all, from when they started celebrating Mother's and Father's Day with pink and blue accents to their uniforms, be it arm bands or pins, to the full out spray-painting of bats and special colored cleats.

This year, instead of rolling with one specially themed hat that they would wear on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and 9/11, MLB went with the camo-theme for Memorial Day, and has unveiled a new line of hats for Independence Day next month.
Photo - The Victory Formation

Some of the hats, look like this. A stars-stripes like hat where the emblem is colored in, a white or gray hat, and a blue or red brim. HardballTalk called some of the hats ugly, and noted that the flag of the United States on the Chief Wahoo....well...It is kind of weird.

Whichever side you fall on the "Keep Chief Wahoo" debate, is fine. We don't really get into it here because that isn't what is important in regards to the baseball team. I like both logos. I understand the tradition, but I also understand how a Native American may find it offensive. If I had to pick, I'd sport the Block C, just because I've grown to like it.

Regardless of the side you fall on, putting the American flag on the a Native American-looking logo? Oooh boy, I can see where that would cause some issues.

Turns out, the Indians wanted the Block C, not the primary logo (which is still, believe it or not, Chief Wahoo). So the image has been released of the cap the Indians will use, not the one that New Era and MLB assumed they would use. Uni-Watch is skeptical.

Uh-huh. This sounds a lot like the Braves telling us that the Indian head BP cap was just “one option we were considering,” right? Everyone knew that was bogus. And sure enough, several batches of that cap eventually showed up at retail and were even shipped to MLB.com mail-order customers, so that design was obviously put into production before the Braves backpedaled. It’ll be interesting to see if the Manifest Destiny cap shows up at retail as well. If it does, we’ll know this was another case of MLB (a) rethinking its use of Native American imagery and (b) refusing to acknowledge same.

Eh, whatever... The Indians have always been using the Block C with these specialty themed hats the past few years. It really hasn't been since 2008 that they used the Chief Wahoo with these hats. They've gone with the Block C the past few years.


Who said the picture of the week has to have an Indian in it?

Photo - Al Bello (Getty Images) via Zimbio.com
I mean an Indian is kind of inning. A Drew Stubbs home run ball is in it, but this is awesome. Ichiro scaled the wall on Stubbs' three-run shot and came up empty, but look how high in the air he is. I mean, he could really hurt himself landing and coming down from that height. That's a strong legged dude.


Well... He did it... Nick Swisher has me, hook-line-and-sinker... I didn't think he could, but I'm all in.

His "Bro" gimmick is out of control. It is gaining rock-star status, and I've officially submitted to it. I'm in. Where can I get one of these?
BRO-hio? Genius.

And his glove?
He's all about it. I love it. He is enjoying playing in this state and in this city, and I think we all genuinely sense that. I'm all in, putting in all my chips. I'm gambling on this guy, and feel real good about doing it.

Also, make sure you add "still flexin' it up" to the "bro" vernacular.. Or Bronacular...

In non-Bro funnies news, in case you missed the Clint Frazier post, the Indians newest draft pick has two bright and shining qualities about him. The first is his fiery red hair. The other is the fact that he has no problem singing Taylor Swift songs. Which brings us to a new feature this week, that was kind of started last week, but not officially...


These are actually not actually "great" moments in Tribe history, but more like, great moments in Tribe history that made us laugh... You know.

Jason Kipnis sings Adele....

I can see it now... Kip and Frazier, winning all the local Cleveland karaoke competitions.


This is just too weird to not be included. We could probably get to the Chris Perez stuff a different time, but perhaps dealing with it in Sunday Grazing is for the best.

Charges were finally filed in the case with drugs being sent to the residence of Chris Perez this week. And not only was Perez charged, so was his wife. Did Melanie Perez have a hand in this? Why both?

Anyway, the incredibly weird part of this all?

The package of weed was sent to the Perez family dog, Brody Baum. Baum is Melanie's maiden name, in case you are wondering.

Oh that craft Perez, clever enough to address the package of weed to his dog, but not to do it using something other than the UNITED STATE POSTAL SERVICE!

It seems like Perez is a frequent user, as police found drug paraphernalia in the place. Hey man, that's cool. It's legal in some states. If this wasn't Ohio, we may not be talking about this right now.

In the spirit of last week's weird Joe Mauer mistake, Yahoo! made a little mistake of their own.

Lance Storm fans get that reference.

I won't do this every time but sometimes it is necessary... Condolences go out to the Hawkman himself and his entire family. Shelley's mother has passed away after a long battle with brain cancer. Shelley is down with Tampa and his brother Chris has been going through some battles of his own. Their whole story is inspirational if you get a chance to read it. Dave Duncan, especially, since his wife was diagnosed has been amazing, having to step away from baseball to be the family man.

Shelley is a great guy, we love him in Cleveland, so thoughts are with him during this time.


This picture is probably good enough on its own. If anything, the LOLTribeness of it might ruin it. I'll try my best though.

If you have a better effort than mine, I'd like to see it. You can find the original image here, and submit entries to me on Twitter @TheTribeDaily with the hashtag #LOLTribe, on Facebook, or through e-mail. I'll feature it next time on Sunday Grazing.

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