Bro of the Month: June 2013

For the past few years, we've done this little thing around the blog were we've voted for the player of the month, every month.

It had a fancy title, because Manny Acta, the former manager, wore fedoras. It was a play off the idea of the "golden sombrero" only this was something you were okay with being saddled with.

Manny Acta is now gone though, so to continue the tradition of having a Manny Acta Golden Fedora of the Month would be really, weird. And awkward.

So the search began for months after Acta's dismissal as to what would happen. Would we abandoned the concept completely? Would we choose a new person and unique trait about them to represent the award? Would we just call it Indians Player of the Month?

Anyone who knows me and this blog knows we can't just have a standard name or way of doing things, so that wasn't going to work.

Then Nick Swisher showed us how much of a bro he is, and thus, the idea was born.

I hesitate even holding this vote, but we have to be fair. Even if you think a certain second baseman should be the AL Player of the Month, we still must go through the process. Here are your four people that are going to lose to Jason Kipnis for June's Bro of the Month. Voting will commence at this juncture. You can vote over on the side via the site poll, on Facebook through The Tribe Daily page, or through Twitter by sending me a Tweet @TheTribeDaily using the hashtag, #BroOfTheMonth.

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Michael Bourn
June .292/.336/.340, 0 HR, 6 RBI, 15 R, 3/5 SB
-The numbers may not look all that impressive, but Bourn has been the table settler atop the Indians lineup. And when he's needed to, he's come up with some clutch hits.

Jason Kipnis
June: .419/.517/.699, 4 HR, 25 RBI, 17 R, 9/10 SB
-If you need further proof other than that above line, you can read this.

Corey Kluber
June: 5 GS, 3-2, 3.90 ERA, 1.39 WHIP 32.1 IP, 27/6 K/BB
-The Klube was on a roll there for awhile. The one thing he did was establish that he is a capable member of this rotation, and in fact, one of the guys the club leaned on to win them games.

Vinnie Pestano
June: 13 G, 6 SV, 2.08 ERA, 1.38 WHIP, 13.0 IP, 15/6 K/BB
-Quietly, Pestano has returned to form and did so filling in for Chris Perez in the role of closer. He can now go back to being the set-up guy, but in June he notched all six save opportunities.

Ubaldo Jimenez
June: 6 GS, 3-1, 3.09 ERA, 1.63 WHIP, 32.0 IP, 32/18 K/BB
-He may not be able to go further than five innings, but he kept his team in multiple games. The WHIP looks horrendous and completely scary with the 18 walks, but Ubaldo is keeping them from home plate, which is all that matters at the end of the day.


Previous Nominees
April Nominees: M. Reynolds, C. Santana, N. Swisher, J. Masterson, Z. McAllister
May Nominees: M. Brantley, J. Kipnis, C Allen, J. Masterson, Z. McAllister
June Nominees: M. Bourn, J. Kipnis, C. Kluber, V. Pestano, U. Jimenez
Nomination Leader board: J. Masterson (2), Z. McAllister (2), M. Reynolds (1), C. Santana (1), N. Swisher (1), J. Kipnis (2), M. Brantley (1), C. Allen (1), M. Bourn (1), C. Kluber (1), V. Pestano (1), U. Jimenez (1)

Previous Winners
April: Carlos Santana
May: Michael Brantley


Vote now on the side in the poll, on Facebook, or via Tweet with the hashtag #BroOfTheMonth.

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