Site Update: Back After Break

I know it has only been less than a week since the last rundown went up, but the activity around these parts has been, sporadic. Inconsistent as well. Kind of lame.

And when I've been here, I've been pretty lame. I'll admit that too.

Well, I'm here to tell you, it looks like I'm going to cut that out.

A little bit of a site update for you folks on this final day of the official first half of the season, even though more than half of the games have been played.

As we go into the All-Star Break, we round the corner of my little break. Although it hasn't been a break by choice, it has been a break the past month. As you may remember, but you probably don't because it was awhile ago, I had my wisdom teeth out. But wasn't that more than two months ago?

Why yes friend, it was. The beginning of May. A month after when that started to heal, I started to come down with complications. I may have mentioned them a time or two. I kept thinking it was getting better, because I kept thinking I figured out what it was. It didn't get better, in fact it got worse. Fourth of July weekend it got it's worse. I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to even eat mashed potatoes. I swelled up, the bottom right corner of my jaw got a little hard. It wasn't fun.

A week ago, my oral surgeon went back to work. I swelled up again, but the pain, the discomfort that I was going through, it started to subside. My swelling is now down and while I'm still working on stretching my mouth out back to normal, I can finally go a day without having to take any Ibuprofen for pain.

I cut that story dramatically short and left out some gruesome details. But I felt like I should update everyone on my whereabouts and my inconsistencies. It hasn't been for choice, but I've had no energy, no drive, I've been in pain. It hasn't been fun, and this has taken a backseat because I still have work and well, after that was one, I would crash.

I'm getting my life back. I'm almost there. But of course now, we have this little All-Star break. So I'll go ahead and take the next few days as well and be back in full-force after the break, ready to go as I never left and all recharged.

Go Kipnis, Go Masterson. Let's get win 51 too. Go Tribe!

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