Positive Swish: Undo The Tiger Voodoo, Get Luck Back on Our Side

I can feel some tension arising. Not so much anger or disappointment, but bit of a helpless, "What the heck do we gotta do" type of feeling. Don't worry, I feel it too and so does Positive Swish, so he's here to inject some faith and hope right back into you. Hopefully he brings an Indians win.

Get your hi-fives ready and put those aviators on. Especially if you are going to field a fly ball in center field. We got this!

Those Baseball Gods didn't really like us last night, but today is a new day friends. Don't worry about this, we got it. Kazmir rested and ready, Kubel coming in to give us power. Testify for me Bro! We got this and don't ever forget it. Almost September, time to kick it into fifth gear man. GET EXCITED!

Time to turn it around friends. Don't loose the faith.

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