Sunday Grazing: Goon Squad, The Closer, and Remembering Nimartuena

You probably don't want to put up with my ridiculous Sunday Grazing after a week like this one. A week without a win thus far, I wouldn't blame you if were over it.

Thing is, maybe Sunday Grazing is just what you needed. I certainly feel like I need it. With all the animosity that has been built up over this team the past week, I myself would like to take a step back and just breathe in some fresh air.

So, that's just what I'm going to do.

Sunday Grazing, a little bit of an outside the diamond look at the Cleveland Indians.


I hate to bring this up again, especially after we spent the better of two days talking about it in regards to this club, but it fits the medium that this Sunday Grazing thing is written in and I promise I'm posing some different questions and concerns in it.

After the firestorm following Chris Perez's blown save and then him not talking to the media, an interview came out from Miami and Chris Perez explained why he hasn't been talking to the media.

I guess my whole thing is this. If it is going to make the man a better pitcher, why don't we support it? I mean, for awhile there he was untouchable. The guy comes in for the third straight day and doesn't have it, and now all of a sudden he's the worst.

We're not rehashing that argument though.

What makes Chris Perez so volatile? Is it the fact that he has a penchant to say what is on his mind? Is it because he's a lightning rod for controversy? Do some people think he can't keep his mouth shut? Where's the double standard there. He keeps his mouth shut, and now he's still a bad guy. People can't have it both ways.

Is it because he's a closer? I personally think that the closer is the worst position to be in on a baseball team. Because look at this. All pitchers struggle. They have bad outings, they mess up. No one player in baseball is perfect. Even the good hitters only succeed three out of 10 times.

A closer struggles too, but if he struggles, the game is automatically over or tied and everyone get's upset with him, more so than any other spot. If a starter struggles, he gets yanked and unless he REALLY struggles, the game is still attainable. People have time to get over what happened.

Very rarely is there a situation that a player "blows" a game to the magnitude a closer could. Do you see anyone getting on Zach McAllister about his outing on Thursday? Maybe a little, but not to the extent a closer would had he lost the game. I mean, it is called a "Blown Save" after all.

So I guess I just say this. Let's remember closer's are prone to being human just like every other player on the team and cut them a little slack. I think part of it is that closer role and that he is a lightning rod for controversy, but seems like a lot of the pounding on Perez is really unwarranted. At least the part about him not being any good.


There's only one candidate this week and it wasn't even close.

Photo - Getty Images (Jason Miller) via Zimbio.com
Ryan Raburn, the pitcher.


The Indians might have lost all four games to Detroit, but they certainly countered them in their invasion of Progressive Field adequately. It's about damn time too. These jerks come into Cleveland all the time because they can and it really stinks to have that many Tigs fans there.

See the chant in the ninth inning of the game the other night. "Let's go Tigers" quickly was overcome by "Detroit's Bankrupt" after you hear a guy yell at the umpire for being a fan of Detroit.

Sometimes I love Cleveland fans. This is one of those times.

This picture made me chuckle too. It's completely random, but that's probably why it makes me laugh so much. Why someone would think to do that is behind me, but it's awesome.

This is kind of comical.


Welcome to a new feature, which most likely will be featured every week knowing that Matt Underwood will likely say something stupid.

On Jered Weaver: "Just because he has thrown 100 pitches doesn't mean it's his last inning."

His fascination with pitch counts continues....


Hopefully one day I can link back to that video of the Detroit's Bankrupt chant as a great moment in Tribe history.

This week though Jhonny Peralta was suspended in the Biogenesis scandal that rocked baseball (I might keep mentioning this). I know the Tigers ended up re-signing Peralta, but wasn't it a great day when the Indians traded him to the Tigers and they actually said they were going to play him at shortstop?

And then Mark Shapiro also said that when the deal was made, that they wouldn't "take a huge step back" for the rest of the season at third base, the position Peralta was playing at the time?

His replacement? NIMARTUENA!

With this being the only picture in history of that monster. And you get all twisted when Chisenhall is in there. Do you want Nimartuena back? Thought so.


I love a good nickname. I'm not sure I can get behind "Goon Squad" quite like I can the Bullpen Mafia. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's cool. But it hasn't taken to fans quite like the Mafia did. I also didn't create it, but that's cool.

Goon Squad is what Mike Aviles and Ryan Raburn have started calling the bench, comprising of themselves, Yan Gomes, and Jason Giambi. It is a nice little way to show unity and cohesion, so I love it, but they could have probably done better on the creativity side. Don't forget the Mafia started based off the fact Justin Germano and Vinnie Pestano are both Italian badasses. They were the original Mafia.

What I can get behind is the fact that Ryan Raburn is both a member of the Goon Squad, and now the Bullpen Mafia after his stint as a pitcher.

Let's not go crazy though. A bunch of people on Twitter are actually really serious in their lobbying for Raburn to be in the bullpen. I don't know what kind of fan thinks that is actually a good idea, but you must not watch a lot of baseball. Some actually think based off one inning in a blowout loss that Raburn is actually a better pitcher than Chris Perez.

I'm also a better sprinter than Usain Bolt.

Anibal Sanchez kisses baseballs. I don't know how often he does this, but there's this photo of him delivering a smooch to a ball. It's like when little Johnny puts his mouth on things because he doesn't know better. Don't put your mouth on that! You don't know where it has been!

Or it could be like when the NASCAR drivers kiss the bricks at Indianapolis after a win. Nothing seems appealing about doing that. But I don't know why kissing a baseball is like that. It would make more sense to get down and kiss home plate on a walk-off win. Eww, dusty.


Photo - Getty Images Jason Miller) via Zimbio.com
Justin Masterson sure hopes so.

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