Positive Swish: This is It Cleveland

Positive Swish isn't just here in times of gloom to brighten the mood and restore your positivity. He's also here in times of joy and in this case, anxiousness.

Put the Browns on tape-delay and settle your Brian Hoyer-love fest for just a few hours. Grill up some hot dogs and throw Hammy on the radio or the guys on TV. Time to bring it home on Wednesday.

How are you NOT excited man!? This is so sweet, and I'm so freakin' excited bro! You can bet the situation we are in is bad ass and I'm ready to see you at The Prog next Wednesday. All we gotta do is win today, bro. Excited? I'm stoked, pumped, and excited all rolled into one Ubaldo fastball coming right at ya. COME ON CLEVELAND! BRO UP!

Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Windians".

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