Rubber Duckie, You're The One! Chief Wahoo, Lets Have Some Fun!

This may or may not be known to you reading this yet. But the Akron Aeros are no more.

Ardent fans of the Indians minor league system are probably aware of the change that was announced a few days ago, and people in Akron are certainly buzzing about it. Outside of Akron through, and unless you are a die-hard minor league fan, you probably haven't heard.

And if you are a die-hard minor league fan, you probably really don't care.

Akron is going crazy though, because owner Ken Babby has changed the name of the Aeros, who've been called such since the team moved into Canal Park in the mid-90's. They were the Indians since they moved to Akron in 1989.

And now starting in 2014, the city of Akron has a new team name...


Bro of the Year: 2013

Are you ready? Got your Aviators? First pumps around?

This is the biggest Bro voting of the year. We've spent the year picking Bro's of the Month, and now, we're picking a Bro of the Year... For all the marbles!


BBA Post Season Award Voting 2013

The time is back to posture for end of the season awards in Major League Baseball. The fun thing about it, is that I have a vote. No not for the Baseball Writers Association official votes for MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, or Manager of the Year awards. Those guys always pick the wrong people anyway. My vote is for the Baseball Blogger's Alliance, a group of bloggers who come together to decide some of the same things the writers decide on.

We vote for manager, rookie, reliever, pitcher, and best overall player. We have names for each award after players who represent that award the best.

Here is my ballot this year. I only vote for the American League as a member of the Cleveland Chapter. I will share the results when they are announced in a few weeks. Feel free to argue, because you probably think I'm wrong somewhere.


Alright, Time to Shake Hands with the Postseason

Traditionally, teams not in the MLB Playoffs shy away from making big headline news-type announcements during the MLB Playoffs. Out of respect for the game and the teams still playing, let the games being played on the field garner the headlines.

Of course that doesn't stop us from making small talk about our Tribe team, because behind the scenes, they are talking, and after their exit a little over a week ago, they have done a little bit of shaking up.

And trust me, there are plenty of storylines that are worth laying out before the offseason officially begins, because as we've learned in the past few years, this team is pretty quick to strike. Whether it is trading for Derek Lowe or trading for Yan Gomes and Mike Aviles, if this team identifies something they want to do, they do it quickly.


Morning Rundown: It Just Stings a Little More

I know that people will congratulate this team for their great season. I'm going to do that eventually in a proper way. I've lived and died with this team all year and I know that it was a great season.
Photo - AP via Yahoo! Sports

But boy is this hard to swallow. The Indians knew the rules they were playing by. They had one chance. They've been playing this type of game (perhaps without the immense pressure) the past ten that they've won. And perhaps it is the one chance that makes it tough. To be one and done. These are the rules, and yeah in year's past the Indians would have been in a position where they'd get at least two more games.

But this is the system that they have to play by now. I think it is great for baseball and the right way to do things.

But boy, is it hard to take. Because you just have one shot, one opportunity to make something happen. And the Indians didn't make it happen like most of us had wanted to believe they would.


The Morning of Wildness: The Night Has Arrived, Cleveland; Indians Prepare for Rays

Not only was I there twice during the posteason, I was there several times down the stretch when the Indians had some heated games against the Detroit Tigers en route to winning the AL Central in 2007.

Nothing is better than that Cleveland crowd when Progressive Field is filled up and rocking. There is no better atmosphere. I will always complain and whine about the lack of support for this team in the attendance war. It is definitely sad when this club can't draw 10K for a game.

2007 ALDS v. Yankees, from right field
But the reason that it is so sad is because we've seen this fan base come to bat. And when they come to bat, they usually hit it out of the park. I know tonight that Progressive Field will not only be filled with Indians fans, it will be filled with loud and proud Indians fans.

It is a little depressing that it takes a solidified playoff game for that to happen, but at least it is there. This isn't a team like Arizona, where there's a struggle to fill the park for a playoff game. This isn't a team like Miami where they don't draw a darn thing during the season.

This is a franchise that once sold out 455 straight games. And while I know and fully understand that those days are not only over, but a different time with a perfect storm of circumstances, you can see that drive. This is a franchise that comes to bat for their team when it counts. I've seen it, I've experienced it, I've felt it.


Bro of the Month: September 2013

This is it people. One more month, one more chance to be immortalized as a serious BRO. Our own little version of Player of the Month takes form for the final time and leads us in to the Bro of the Year voting. However, the Indians are still playing ball.

If they keep playing deep into October, well, Bro of the Month for October may just have to be added.