Another Form of Hibernation

The best way to make it through a long cold winter of no baseball when you operate a blog and write about it on almost-daily basis?

Don't write about it for two months, which is a large majority of that long cold winter...

Monday is the start of the week, so it seemed as good of a time as any. Excuse me friends as I dust off the blog log-in, trying to get in was a little hard. I'm not a fan of spiders (who really is?) and there was a big ole' spider web sticking in the corner of the doorway. I had to find a broom to knock it down. That took enough time.

Three paragraphs and I'm already making up dramatic sequences that are not real for the purposes of, well, I don't really know.

I have been away and look, it has been two months, and a few days, since I've even logged in to pen words, I'm a little rusty, so excuse the ups and downs and if I end up citing something in APA format, try and look past it, that's just grad school talking (Hoynes, 2014, p. I'm just kidding... no one cites Hoynes).