The Anatomy of Irregularity and Expectations

I spent time trying to convince myself that I can be the same old-same old when it came to posting updates to this blog, that I could do it as often as I and you had become accustomed to. Only, do it differently, in a new way.

Then I stopped trying to re-invent everything that this space is about and embrace it for what it is, just as I embraced it for what it was at each period of time. No doubt, if you've been here since 2008, you know just how different each year has looked, aside from a few years where it was pretty much the same. The last few had some external pressure to perform, but make no mistake, there was way more internal pressure from myself.

I'm going somewhere with this, I promise, and I may get there quicker than you think.


Pulse of the Tribe: The Real Opening Day

All we need to do today... is celebrate...

Of course, we have many reasons to celebrate. There is nothing better than an Opening Day in Cleveland, even if the Indians have already started playing. Sure MLB's "Opening Day" was earlier this week, and shoot, the first game was in Australia this year. That technically opened up the MLB season and even then, Sunday night's contest was the first official game in April.

But today... Today is the real Opening Day that everyone in the 216 and surrounding local areas waits for.

Nothing beats the excitement or energy than what this day is and means to everyone who loves the Cleveland Indians.