Unimpressed Kluber: Game of Thrones?

Last year, we did a little thing around here called Positive Swish. The enthusiasm of Swisher was displayed in image form, with an inspiring message of positivity relayed from him, to me, to you.

This is all well and good, and Positive Swish will be making his return at some point. Perhaps when he starts hitting.

But we have a new character to embrace around these parts. And really, none of it needs any sort of explaination. In fact, from every post with it from here on out. There will be no explaination. The best jokes go unexplained, right?

Without further hesitation, or else I'll get some disapproval thrown my way. Literally.... I give you, Unimpressed Kluber.


Kluber, Brantley, Turning into More than Tribe All-Stars

Forget the All-Star Game coming up in a matter of over a month. The Indians have two players worthy of that designation of All-Star, and much more with the way they've been playing this season.

I'm saving and sparing you the long winded intro because you should know exactly who I'm talking about, not just because it is in the title, but because it just makes too much sense from the get-go. We've now entered the territory in the season when things are real. If a team is in contention, they've probably got staying power. If a guy is still playing well, he's probably going to have a good season.

Memorial Day is usually that point in the season when things are pretty set into motion. There's really no coming back if you aren't in contention, which is why this run the Indians have been on has been so crucial. They needed to get to this point where they don't look as if they are dead fish flopping around on the dock, looking to flop back into the water before they dry out. They've reached that point, and it couldn't have happened without the two individuals this entire thing is about.


Win or Lose, it's a Long Season...It Ends in October

Photo - Getty Images via Zimbio.com
The last time we spoke, we spoke about expectations. They're high, and we all know that. This team can do some good stuff this year and we all expect them to do that, mainly because they are expecting to do that. That factor more than any other is why we think this team at the very least should win the World Series. Right?

Hashtag, sarcasm, right?

Well now it's May and while that suddenly doesn't change a damn thing, it certainly does change everything. That's how it works in baseball, right? New month, new slate. This team is sitting at the bottom of the AL Central as we speak, and while all is not lost, it feels as if things are slipping away, and most of you are frustrated. You probably don't want to read this right now. You're sick of mantras like "it's a marathon, not a sprint" and "it's a long way til September."