Chief Concerns: Wahoo's Time May Be Winding Down

It seems pretty silly to have last posted some weird Unimpressed Kluber memes and now follow things up with a serious post about the latest with the Chief Wahoo business, but that's kind of where I am at right now.

In case you have yet to catch it, the Native American's (or at least a group representing them, better yet, a guy representing a group called "People Not Mascots") are suing in the Indians. Well, the Cleveland Indians. Not themselves. That would be counter-productive.

For Nine...Billion...Dollars.

You read that. Yes that's a nine as the highest single digit number and yes that's a B for billion, not million, billion. The lawsuit, or at least all I can glean from the CBS story, is against the Indians for their offensive logo, Chief Wahoo. It doesn't appear as if it is against the Indians in name or anything like that, but it very well could be. It certainly isn't a federal trademark denial like the Washington Redskins are going through.

But this seems really significant in the grand scheme of offensive sports names, logos, and mascots.

I might be skipping dangerously close to politics here. If you think this is a political debate. It isn't. I don't follow politics, nor do I care to engage in discussion about them. In fact, that is primarily my reasoning behind my stance. Baseball isn't politics. So let's get the politics out of baseball. Let's just worry about the on-the-field stuff. Your baseball team is your baseball team. What they wear on their hat should be secondary to everything else in regards to where they play and how they play.


Unimpressed Kluber: Johnny Football

You're probably thinking, man, what is this guy going to do? Just post Unimpressed Kluber images all the time?

Yeah, maybe I will. Sitting here during rain delay theatre, I'm not sure there is much more to do than sit here and think of Corey Kluber memes.

So, here I am. Making Corey Kluber memes.

I promise some real content soon. Even though this is pure gold.

Kluber isn't impressed though. How could he be?

Other great fun facts about Johnny Football after the jump.