Unimpressed Kluber: Johnny Football

You're probably thinking, man, what is this guy going to do? Just post Unimpressed Kluber images all the time?

Yeah, maybe I will. Sitting here during rain delay theatre, I'm not sure there is much more to do than sit here and think of Corey Kluber memes.

So, here I am. Making Corey Kluber memes.

I promise some real content soon. Even though this is pure gold.

Kluber isn't impressed though. How could he be?

Other great fun facts about Johnny Football after the jump.

He's wearing a number 2 Indians jersey. Not since Jhonny Peralta has that number real had any significance at Progressive Field. Jhonny Football doesn't exactly roll off the tounge. Okay, its pronounced the same. Unless you say it like I do. J-Hawney Fawtbally!

Johnny Football tweeted out the following not too long ago.

Corey Kluber is still unimpressed.

Johnny Football started following Josh Tomlin on Twitter post-drafted to Cleveland. The Kluber is wondering where his follow is. No disrespect to the Little Cowboy. Even though they share a hometown. Hometown or not, Tomlin was a Red Raider.

He also followed Zac Efron and Kendall Jenner. I think he has punted substanced at this point.

Corey Kluber struck out 50 hitters in a month. Just in case you forgot.

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