Unimpressed Kluber: An All-Star Roster Without the Klube?

Yesterday the MLB All-Star rosters were announced and, unsurprisingly, Corey Kluber was not among the selections of either the players or manager John Farrell. Why unsurprisingly? Because, Kluber has no name recognition and his numbers, while better than some of the pitchers that got picked, he simply will not garner the selection over others who most know. If he was having a slightly better year (not that his year isn't All-Star worthy), with more wins, he'd have been a lock.

Instead, he has to try and get in via final fan vote or hope one or many of the pitchers ahead of him will either drop out, or become ineligible by pitching on Sunday, and there's a 99.9% chance that happens. So if you really want to see The Klube in the All-Star game, chances are, you will.

That being said, Kluber does have something to stay in regards to a roster without him on it, of course.

Maybe in a few days, that tune will change.

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