Watch the Kluber Final Vote Madness in Action

The little spectacle late Thursday morning and afternoon was quite something to be a part of. Major League Baseball completely took over Twitter with their Final Vote campaign. Strangely enough though, it wasn't even enough to completely derail the LeBron madness.

However, social media and the internet as a whole has completely changed the way we watch and follow sports, as evidenced by what is happening with this whole LeBron thing. And that alone is evident in the 10 seconds of video I'm about to show you.

I enjoyed wasting some time by partaking in the #VoteKluber campaign. But how ridiculous is the MLB to make tweets count as votes? It didn't really help Kluber at the end of the day, as he finished pretty much where he started with the actual voting on MLB.com despite finishing with the second most hashtag tweet votes.

To keep me entertainined, in addition to reading some of the ways some of you and others were getting the word out about Kluber, I opened up myself a column on Tweet Deck so I could watch the #VoteKluber madness unfold.

Towards the end of the vote, I was interested to see just how well he was keeping up with everyone else and well, these 10 seconds show you exactly that.

Incredible...just incredible. Clearly, Kluber and Richards had the most activity. There was one point where Richards was going way faster than Kluber. Needless to say, poor Dallas Keuchel didn't stand much of a chance, did he?

Great effort from the fanbase today on trying to get our guy in the game. Unfortunately it fell just short, but I have a feeling he'll still end up in the game in a few days. 

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