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Hello friends.

As we round out the old year (no one ever calls it the old year, we all call the upcoming year the new year) I wanted to touch base with a new project. As you know, my more in-depth pieces about the Indians appear on Everybody Hates Cleveland, and my random mishmash stuff appears here.

I haven't had much of either as of late.

But, yesterday we kicked off a study of Indians fandom that I'm conducting. That sounds so official. Conducting a study.

Oh boy. Either way, I just wanted to drop in a quick plug in case you haven't seen it yet. If you follow me on Twitter, you've likely already seen me plug it and if you still do, unfollow me now because that's all I'll do for the next five weeks.

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Go partake. And just as importantly (not that you aren't important, you are, but you are likely sensible) give it to someone you dislike.

Happy New Year! Hope your Old Year is rounding out nicely!


High & Low of Indians Vs Red Sox 10/2-10/4: Good Night and a Good Day

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If only the start was as good as the end.

That's what we're all thinking. But instead of worrying about it, let's celebrate the end. Let's all gather around and hold hands. Not really, but figuratively. Let's celebrate this sweep of the Boston Red Sox and ending of the season on a winning note. Let's rejoice in the fact that this team has a winning record yet again, for the third straight season.

Is it acceptable with one playoff appearance? I mean, who cares right at this point? There is a time to discuss that. That time is not now. The time now is to enjoy this. So let's do that, okay guys?


High & Low of Indians Vs Twins 9/28-10/1: Flipping Out

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So it officially ends. The run for salvaging this season has ended. I think we all thought it was inevitable, but for it to not officially end until the final week is saying something. Is it what we were expecting when the season started? Of course not. But it also wasn't what we were expecting when the Indians were 10-some games under .500 and floundering for an identity.

So you take what you can and with there home games left and a chance to go above .500 if they sweep, there's pride and progress to play for.


High & Low of Indians @ Royals 9/25-9/27: The Final Sprint is Upon Us

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The one thing that the Indians have done since their turn around? They've consistently won series. Yeah, they lost the one to the Twins, which ultimately will probably set them too far back to make a final-week run here for the postseason.

It just goes to show you that it is highly important to finish strong and to play your best baseball towards the end. Look at the Royals. I know one of those days was a celebration hangover, but even then, this Royals team? If I were the Indians and had the opportunity to play in the postseason, give me the Royals in the ALDS. I want no piece of Toronto, but the Royals? They're vulnerable.

Now, even though the Indians are playing the best most consistent baseball of their season, it probably won't be enough. If all this team could do is play a little more consistency earlier in the year, they'd be money. That isn't the case though and that sucks, because watching this team play the past few weeks has been a joy. I said it on Twitter, but perhaps the most frustrating part of this season has how it has felt like the season had ended time after time again, yet, it actually hasn't.

Perhaps it shouldn't be frustrating. Perhaps it should be more of a happier note that this team has fought hard and is fighting hard until the very end and doing everything humanly possible to remain in the race.

This is an usually long intro for the High & Low, but it's one of the last few I'll have the chance to do for the year in regards to games. I also missed one last week, so consider this the double intro. The Indians won this series. Yeah, lost that game on Sunday, but, two outta three.

And a big seven (maybe eight!) game home stand is upon us. I'll be present Saturday, so do this team a favor. If you have the means, go see one more game. Show them that you're still here with them as they fight hard to the very end. And now, the highs and lows of the Indians series against the AL Central Division Champion Kansas City Royals.


High & Low of Indians Vs White Sox 9/18-9/20: So About That Hill

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Here we go again. Two steps forward, one step back. I mean, you keep winning series though, you're going to go over that hump, so keep winning series boys. Things are shaping up really well as the Astros and Angels have a series and the Indians can set their sights and move ahead of the team directly in front of them with a trip to Minnesota. But first, let's see what was particularly high and particularly low about their series with Chicago.


High & Low of Indians Vs Royals 9/14-9/17: Scaling the Hill

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I don't know if any of you have ever run the Warrior Dash or something like it. It's one of those 5K runs with obstacles that involve mud. There's always a really muddy hill/mound/wall that you have to climb over.

The Indians trying to get over .500 is like that muddy wall. You get a decent grip and you're so close to just climbing over, but then you miss and fall all the way back down. That being said, when you garner a split from the best team in the American League, despite the fact that they could have had three outta four (and even argue a sweep), I think you'll take that moving forward. And they're still only four back of a playoff spot.


Babbling Tribe: Does One Bunt Cost Tito His Job?

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I'll go ahead and answer the question, right off the bat. No. There, fielded that quicker than Greg Holland.

Following last night's poor excuse of "managing" the ninth inning, in which the Indians put two runners on with nobody out against a reliever who was clearly scuffling, and then proceeded to get nothing out of it, there was a massive uproar. An uproar that has resulted in people either rushing to the Indians' manager's defense or calling for his job.


High & Low of Indians Vs Tigers 9/10-9/13: Alive and Kicking

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Nice of me to show up, eh? I know you've been eagerly wondering where exactly I have been with your customary High/Low for the past month. No you haven't, let's not lie to ourselves. You've not cared. My absence isn't that much of a void in your life.

If it is, sorry. But now that the hectic time of my life has subsided and I have weeknights to do something other than pass out on the couch from exhaustion and a few minutes at work to do something other than actually work, I can present to you High & Low, for the rest of the year.

So here's your High & Low points of the Indians series with the Tigers, or at least three games of that series.


High & Low of Indians Vs Yankees 8/11-8/13: Playing With Grit

Cleveland Indians
Can't disagree with how well this team is playing and how they are playing. Even with not picking up the sweep like you would have hoped for, they could have rolled over and died on Thursday, but they didn't. Give me two wins and a team that looks ready to play every night out over anything else.


High & Low of Indians Vs Twins 8/7-8/9: What We've Been Waiting For

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See, baseball is fun! #Jerry #Babraham #FullyAlmonte #JRamHelmetRIP #WhyAmIDoingThis?


Indians Ten Best of July: A Month of Almosts and Bauer Stances

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I promise when I do the Ten Best of the entire year, it won't be 10 lines of things Trevor Bauer did. But you know, going back to Spring Training, I bet I could make a list of 10 things Trevor Bauer did that was awesome.

I may actually do that.


High & Low of Indians @ Athletics 7/30-8/2: One is the Losing Number

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Mark Canha was like 2 for his last 400. No, not really, but he was slumping, bad. Definition of not hitting the ball. Of course he hits a game-winning walk-off double as a replacement for the injured Josh Reddick. I think I've finally resigned myself that this is just not the Indians season. I fought willingly that this was all just hogwash and something was due to come up "Tribe". But it took this hit from a slumping player on a team just as bad as the Indians to signal it for me. We aren't allowed to have nice things this year and the universe hates us.


High & Low of Indians Vs Royals 7/27-7/29: Throwing Punches of Our Own

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When we end a series on a win, I tend to be a little nicer. And looking back, taking the disgust of losing so many games in a row, this was a very winnable series. You gotta come through though in more than one game.


Where Do We Go From Here?

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There comes a point in every baseball season when reality sets in.

I thought perhaps that reality set in a few weeks ago and things in Baltimore boiled over for the Tribe. They seemed to kick it in gear after that and just maybe we'd be turning the corner for good. But then the wheels spun, and we ended up right back here. Back where I honestly didn't think this team would be this season, at any point, even when things looked a little shaky.

I'm not sure where to start. Perhaps here. There'd be no point in a High & Low today because there's not much you can gain from a weekend when you put a grand total of five runs up in four games and it all ends with yet another team meeting in which your best player says the team is playing like shit.

So here we are. I'll try and organize this, but I can't guarantee anything.


Babbling Tribe: Welcome to Rumor Season

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I've come to a realization. The worst time of the year isn't when baseball is over at the end of the year. When you have to wait the longest you'll wait all year for it to return.

The worst time of the year is right now, during baseball season, right now, before the trade deadline hits. How could a time in-season, in the middle of summer with beautiful weather, when kids don't have school, and fun things are happening be the worst time of the year?

I'm being dramatic, stop it. But that's par for the course.

Get ready for rampant rumors shielded as simple hearsay that gets extrapolated beyond it's original form. Where Team A has talked to Team B about Player X turns into Team A trading Players D, I, & E to Team B for Player X and O.


High & Low of Indians @ Brewers 7/21-7/22: Not Going Anywhere, In More Ways Than One

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A 3-2 road trip out of the break? Sure, you'd have liked 4-1 over the bottom of the NL Central, but coming out of the break, I kind of take that. It means nothing if this weekend doesn't go well though. I think it is now the absolute end of time in terms of putzing around with around .500. If a rocket doesn't go off soon by the end of the month, ya best not be worried about any sort of contention.


High & Low of Indians @ Reds 7/17-7/19: Walk Along, Nothing to See Here

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This may be one of the more brief High & Lows that I've done. I got beat up pretty good yesterday biking when I hit a bump and took a spill. I'm okay, but I've got some cuts on my hand that make it intolerable to set my hand on the hot laptop. And I feel like passing out, so there's that.

Oh, no, I didn't hit my head or anything. Watching the Indians offense yesterday made me exhausted, so, that's the whole passing out thing.


High & Low of Indians Vs Athletics 7/10-7/12: Get Off the Bus

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The last two games I went to, I broke a cardinal sin of a diehard baseball fan and a personal rule that I myself follow. Never leave a game until it's over. I did it twice in a week and I'll never forgive myself. The first was not my call due to the rain and being with other people who had no interest in staying, and there was ice cream involved. The second was Wednesday when I made the incorrect assumption that the game would go quicker than it did and decided to park in a deck that closed at 10. Whoops, my bad. Luckily the big Murphy hit happened and I was able to leave without missing the big moment, but I couldn't forgive myself for leaving early.

So I went Saturday to make up for it. There was no rain, I parked in a deck that doesn't suck, and I went alone. Is that weird? It might be, but with no one else to worry about, I watched the game from different parts of the park. I watched a few innings from the corner, went over to behind the bullpens. Watched a few innings from the concourse on the first and third base lines, and ended the night on the home run porch. And you know what? One of the more enjoyable baseball games I've ever gone to. Just baseball.

If that makes me weird, well, I'm okay not being normal.


High & Low of Indians Vs Astros 7/6-7/9: Playing With Swagger

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There's a different feeling with this team if you ask me. I was at the game on Wednesday and just watching the game on Thursday, there was a different feeling with this team in regards to how they play beyond the sixth inning. The first few its like okay, whatever, they fall behind or they are in a tie game. But when that sixth inning hits, it has gone from a feeling of, "oh well, they'll find a way to lose if they aren't already," to a feeling of "if they haven't found a way to take the lead, they will soon."

You guys, we may have finally seen the corner turned.


High & Low of Indians @ Pirates 7/3-7/5: Invade, Party, Leave

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I was wondering how long it would take for that sight above. The forecast all week was kind of hit or miss. They were saying Saturday and Sunday may ray, probably Thursday. Friday? Looked okay.

And for the most part, Friday was gorgeous. Then the game approached and it didn't do anything but rain. From before first pitch until late into the night it was raining. Remarkably they played most of this game in the rain. It wasn't entirely heavy, so it was playable, but clearly not the best of conditions.

It dampened my evening, as I was certainly expecting a perfect night for baseball, considering the morning was just that. But hey, it made for a fun atmosphere for Indians fans, as our bunch took over the park, even with thousands more Pirates fans in attendance, it looked like there was just as many Indians fans at the end of the game than Pirates fans.

So, your highs and lows of the Indians fourth of July weekend romp in Pittsburgh. Overall, it is a bit abbreviated because I was there all weekend and while that meant I got to watch the games on TV (score!), I didn't get full pieces and also less time to get this together.


High & Low of Indians @ Rays 6/29-7/2: Everything is Just About Perfect!

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That horrific weekend in Baltimore seemed like it was last week. I mean, I know it was last week. But it provided us with an all-Low series, the first of the year, and the second sweep of the season.

Then I guess Tito held a team meeting or something. Who knows. Either way, let's just say, there's few lows to recap for the High and Low of Cleveland versus Tampa Bay.


Indians Ten Best of June: Where Popsicles, Ransom Notes, and Lindors Run Free

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This past month almost ended in a nasty way. But a few wins and things are kind of upbeat around these parts. Of course, the Indians haven't made much headway in the standings, at least not as much as we thought they would after May seemed to be a turn-around of sorts.

Which can only mean that since June wasn't as prosperous, we up the ante on the ridiculousness for our Ten Best of June. This list is scientific and without dispute, the best of the Indians past month.


High & Low of Indians @ Orioles 6/26-6/28: Hitting Rock Baltimore

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You probably know that what is to follow is not going to be pretty. We've been able to avoid all-lows series because as you can probably remember, the Indians haven't been swept since the beginning of the year.

Well not only did they get swept, they got shutout in a double header. Good luck finding something positive here. So here's all the lows and maybe some highs of a horrible weekend in Baltimore for the Cleveland Indians.


High & Low of Indians Vs Tigers 6/22-6/24: The Cleveland One-Two-Step

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I sincerely do not believe that the Detroit Tigers hold a psychological edge over the Cleveland Indians. Now, maybe if they won EVERY game against the Tribe. But hey, the Indians once again got a win in there.

Now, Miguel Cabrera? I think he's wrecked everyone on the pitching staff. Probably everyone period. But, uh, I'll get into that in a bit, because that's what the rest of this exercise is for.

Anyway, the Cleveland One-Two Step? One step forward, two steps backward. That's uh, how it goes all the time. It's a dance. Don't do it. It's annoying.


High & Low of Indians Vs Cubs & Rays 6/15-6/21: This Isn't How We Drew it Up

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I skipped the Cubs double-series because the end of my week was quite tiresome and busy. But seeing how the entire offense this past weekend is just one big low, I figured we could jam pack everything into one weekly recap this week. So, let's have some double-fun with six games between three teams in where three different teams were the home team.


High & Low of Indians @ Tigers 6/12-6/14: Get bit, scratch back

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Oh let's just get on with it. I promise I'll keep the vomit to a minimum as I'm sure you are pre-ordering that Francisco Lindor shirsey. You may be able to hold onto it a little longer than your Dellavedova one.


High & Low of Indians Vs Mariners 6/9-6/11: If We Can Get Out of This Alive

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You constantly right the ship's course, despite the fact that it doesn't seem like you need to. All of a sudden though you are veering off to the left even though you made a dramatic turn forward back in the correct direction.

It's the water. Or the wind. Whatever it is, the Indians are that boat. They make these dramatic turns, but then a few games later find themselves veering off to the left yet again.

Oh well, it has been a good while since we've done High and Low thanks to a weekend trip for me, so let's get back at it and start the weekend off right, am I right?


Babbling Tribe: Indians Shake Up the Infield Equation

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I spent the weekend out of town, so no ability to watch the games or anything. Followed along best I could, through Twitter and MLB At Bat.

There seemed to be an overwhelming amount of angst over Jose Ramirez and his latest, well, I don't even know how to call it.


Indians Ten Best of May: Because Kipnis

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I told you May would be better than April. And if I didn't, I should have, more blatantly. Guys, this is a long season. The Indians are a good ball team and they're going to put it together more than they have this past month. It's going to be a fun season, promise.

And with that, we have more than Jerry Sands and a 13-1 win over Detroit to highlight as the best. Here's the ten best things that happened in the month of May.


High & Low of Indians @ Mariners 5/28-5/31: All's Well that Ends Well

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Three outta four! May was good to the Tribe, but let's hope June is better. Here comes the red-hot Tribe. Sorry if you gave up in April!


High & Low of Indians Vs Rangers 5/25-5/27: When Hotness Meets Hotness

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Before we get to business, please make sure you read my latest up on Everybody Hates Cleveland. It revolves primarily around Jason Kipnis, but it's one of my, un-baseball-related type pieces that relates to social media, and my favorite topic, the Indians fans.

Other than that, let's party. Your highs and lows for the Indians and the Rangers.


High & Low of Indians Vs Reds 5/22-5/24: This is a baseball team

Getty Images

Six straight! Not a lot of lows, and that's how we like it.


High & Low of Indians @ White Sox 5/18-5/21: Left For Dead, But Pitching Big

Getty Images
This certainly doesn't look like a last place team. That isn't to say they haven't played like one for a good portion of the year. But in the past week, they have played like the team we expected at the start of the season. It's only two series, but a 5-2 road trip is a little more uplifting.


High & Low of Indians @ Rangers 5/15-5/17: Kipnis is the Fire

Getty Images
That's Nick Swisher. You may know him from favorites like four strikeout game, four hit game, and Brohio. I'm putting a picture of him up there because its fun. We won two games man, let's have a little bit of it.

And he had a game that you should have been as excited for as annoying you were for his four strikeout game. On second though, no, you don't deserve to. Let's get on with it though, because we had a lot of good for once.


High & Low of Indians Vs Cardinals 5/12-5/14: It's Always Sweet Until It Goes Sour

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Well into the seventh inning of Thursday's game, I thought for sure that we'd see our first series win and first back-to-back wins since the first week of the season. It is now mid-May and yet again that will not be happening. Maybe against Texas?


Babbling Tribe: Corey Kluber Pitched One of the Greatest Games Ever

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Even if Corey Kluber had thrown a no-hitter, it wouldn't have been as rare as what he actually did on Wednesday night. Even if Corey Kluber had thrown a perfect game, it wouldn't have been as rare as what he had the potential to do, and what he should have had the opportunity to do against the Cardinals.

Yeah, a no-hitter is rare, and hard to do. But it relies on the talent of the whole team, some luck, and a competent pitching performance. Even a perfect game, same deal, with a little more of each of those qualities, amplified a bit.

Corey Kluber became just the 19th pitcher ever to strikeout 18 hitters in a game in his first win of 2015. Since the beginning of 2010, 22 hitters have pitched a no-hitter. You tell me, what's harder to do?


High & Low of Indians Vs Twins 5/8-5/10: Somebody Call Their Mommas

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This was going to take on a real somber tone if the Indians had gotten swept at home by the Twins. Mostly because I attended Sunday's game and that would have just been a kick in the teeth.


High & Low of Indians @ Royals 5/5-5/7: 0-for-Kluber

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When do we get to dump Gatorade on our players? Sad face...


Indians Ten Best of April: Fight Jerry Fight!

One miserable month down. Let's all hope that it was the only miserable month of Indians baseball. It certainly wasn't an overly fun April in 2014, but the rest of the year makes us hopeful that perhaps the Tribe is just in that same pattern of sputtering out to a bad start before they put it together.

The downside is that this start makes them a little worse off. The upside is that none of that plays into us recapping the 10 best things of the Indians April. Of course, not a lot of them relate to the product on the field, but that's how we do things here.


High & Low of Indians Vs Royals 4/27-4/29: Giving 30 Percent, And Fine With It

Getty Images
It seems like the Indians have fallen into this pattern in every series. They have a game they really should have won, a game that they lose with a real hapless feeling and a game that they win. They fell right into that pattern against the Royals.

Here's what was good, here's what was bad. Or as we say around these parts, high and low.


High & Low of Indians @ Tigers 4/24-4/26: Until We Meet Again In Two Months

Getty Images
Round up your friends, the Indians aren't COMPLETELY helpless against the Tigers. And while they lost yet another series, they showed a few things in this one that leave you with some hope that things will be different the next time these two teams come together much later (late June, two months from now, crazy) in the season.


High & Low of Indians @ White Sox 4/20-4/22: One Win is Better Than None

Getty Images
One of these days, we're gonna win a series again! I know it is a struggle to watch this team not win games. But this team should be winning games, which means as soon as things start falling their way, they will.

They've been in all of these games. They've kept up with the slugging Tigers to a point, and their pitching has pretty much dominated the teams that it has supposed to. They've been plagued by a rough outing here and there from a reliever or whatever. Things will turn soon, just keep your faith. Still, don't excuse what doesn't need excused.


Do and Know It All: Reviewing 100 Things Indians Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

I don't have a bucket list. I think the term is weird. That's just me. I'm kind of like a hippy sometimes. Don't conform to modern terms man! No, kidding, but really. What I do have is a list of things I want to see or do at some point and I have a bit of a time attached to them. Within five years, within 10 years, so on and so forth.

One of the things on that list is see the Indians in the World Series and attend their Championship parade.

That is listed in the "at some point in my life category" because, Cleveland. I can only hope that is something that I at least have the opportunity for. One can hope, right?

Safe to say though, attend a Championship parade is not in Zack Meisel's book: 100 Things Indians Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die. I don't blame him for not including it, because, well, did they have parades back in 1948? Does anyone know how awesome it was, if it actually transpired?

All of the "do" type entries into Zack's list all have a prior experience or something worthwhile to attach to it. I can imagine though that attending said parade is definitely something every Indians fan will want to do before they die.

I mean, it's on my bucket list, err to do list.


Babbling Tribe: An Extended Aviles Rant

The way last nights events unfolded was absolutely tragic.

Okay, now that I got the over-dramatics out of the way, let's move on from that disaster of a loss and focus on what is really important. Moving forward.

Photo - Getty Images
To move forward though, we do need to address what is perhaps the most glaring and problematic issue that was present last night. One that, while it didn't out-right cost the Indians the game, could continue to play a role in how the Indians season unfolds from here on out.

It isn't Cody Allen, because Cody Allen had a bad night. Chalk it up to cold, or whatever, I'm not sure and I'm not sold on Allen having a long-term issue. I'd like to give him more than a few weeks of inconsistency. He's gone out and looked absolute dominate and then had nights like last night where he was spotty. I need more evidence.

The problem that I have is one that I brought up prior to the game and have been bringing up since it first happened this season.

Mike Aviles is not an outfielder. I don't know under what realm of baseball we are playing that Terry Francona believes that he is, but he needs to get out of it.


High & Low of Indians @ Twins 4/17-4/19: The Twins Have To Win Some Games, Right?

Photo - Getty Images
The good news is that at least the Indians won a game. The bad news is that they're lucky to have won it. The other news is that I avoided high blood pressure by not watching Friday's game. I haven't decided if that's good or bad.


High & Low of Indians vs White Sox 4/14-4/15: Bauer Continues to Impress

I debated if it was even worth a high and low for a two game series.

Because you are reading this, I obviously decided that it was. I mean, it may not be? But it was my decision that it was. Yeah there's some highs and some lows. But maybe not as many as you would expect.


High & Low of Indians vs Tigers 4/10-4/12: Enter Sandsman

I know that wasn't very fun and you are probably asking yourself. "Dude, really, how could there be ANY highs to that series?"

I'll find some, in fact, I'll lead off with one. Things will get better though, I promise.


High & Low of Indians @ Astros 4/6-4/9: Almost Perfect

Happy Home Opener!

Greatest day of the year, right? I mean, for what it signifies. I'll make it brief. Read this if you want some Opening Day content. Or Home Opener content. Whatever terminology you are using. I went on a little longer about Opening Day and what not and you can get your fix for that on EHC.

What I'm here to do right now is try out a little new approach to the content. So, roll with me, it may change, or I may never do it again, or who knows. With a subtle nod of the head to a favorite wrestling recap over at Uproxx, I'm going to try and pin point the highs and the lows of each series. 

Again this could go awful. Or who knows. Whatever. Let's have fun.


Ten Best of the Rest of Spring Training

Man, I thought the beginning of the Spring Training was awesome. I genuinely was going to do a one-off with the ten best of Spring Training at the point I did it.

Then Spring Training got even better. So much so, I don't have to have the ten best things of spring, but rather ten more awesome things that happened since I last compiled a list. So here is the ten best things of the rest of Spring Training.

In case you missed the ten best of the first half of Cleveland Indians Spring Training, you can catch up here.


Spring Training Overreaction Theater: Episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of Spring Training Overreaction Theater, where we overreact to news happening in Goodyear. News that is ultimately really insignificant in the big picture of the 2015 season, but because it is the only news available, one can't help but turn it into something bigger.

Oh the drahmaaaa!

Spring Training Overreaction Theater is not filmed in front of a live studio audience and will not be hitting Broadway anytime soon. It is an over-exaggerated take on Cleveland Indians news, and no in way how I actually feel. That isn't to say, some people out there may have reacted this way. All characters and opinions portrayed in this episode are purely coincidental...maybe.


Babbling Tribe: What's Going on in Right Field?

No overall point to be made, no data or evidence to support anything, reminiscing about the past sometimes, and always just a stream of sometimes but often times not incoherent thoughts about the Cleveland Indians. This is Babbling Tribe.


There was a time in baseball where your right fielder had the best arm and was a power bat. Right handedness aside, that may still be that time in baseball. I don't really know. I'm not going to go down the list of teams and look at their starting right fielder. That's a pointless exercise.

The idea of a right fielder isn't the same and never should be. Every roster is different, every team constructed in its own unique way, designed to win the way the management in control thinks is best.

The Indians have always done things, in the Shapiro-Antonetti era at least, with a bit of a routine. They have their favorite strategies and approaches in constructing a roster, regardless of manager or philosophy. Garbage time old reliever who can give you innings in April that makes the team out of Spring Training, signing a starter who is coming off some sort of hard time (eeek!) to fill into the rotation, grabbing some sort of defensive minded utility player on a minor league deal that eventually finds their way onto the club. I could probably add a few more.


The Ten Best Things at Indians Spring Training So Far

There's so much going on right now in the world of the Cleveland Indians during Spring Training. You have players flying drones, wearing masks, and dressing up as their supposed cousin. You have Indians Twitter kicking all sorts of butt, parody accounts have never been hotter. And oh yeah, there's been some on the field action too.

You can never take a whole lot of stock into spring performances though. As was detailed in fun with Overreaction Spring Training Theater, there's no reason to be going all crazy over certain things, so let's have some fun.

Here are my top ten favorite things of Spring Training thus far.


Spring Training Overreaction Theater: Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Spring Training Overreaction Theater, where we overreact to news happening in Goodyear. News that is ultimately really insignificant in the big picture of the 2015 season, but because it is the only news available, one can't help but turn it into something bigger.

Oh the drahmaaaa!

Spring Training Overreaction Theater is not filmed in front of a live studio audience and will not be hitting Broadway anytime soon. It is an over-exaggerated take on Cleveland Indians news, and no in way how I actually feel. That isn't to say, some people out there may have reacted this way. All characters and opinions portrayed in this episode are purely coincidental...maybe.


Unimpressed Kluber: Corey, You Tease...

We gotta send him on to the next round right? Here are all today's Unimpressed Kluber's from Klubot's latest matchup against Adam Jones. All in one place for you to wonder why we care so much about a fake contest. WE CARE BECAUSE WE LOVE...DAMNIT!

No one told Corey he was facing the baseball Adam Jones, not the one who calls himself Pacman and beats people up.


Unimpressed Kluber: The Real Face of the MLB

Just in case you missed it, here are all the UnImpressed Kluber's that found their way onto the internet today during the MLB Network's Face of (the) MLB contest.



Let's Try Something Different...

I've been talking a lot lately, haven't I?

Well, a lot compared to what I have been the past, oh, year. Shoot, Two weeks and two posts of substance? I don't think I had that much substance in all my posts the past two years that I have in the past two weeks.

That sucked. Honestly, this place was becoming a sink hole. I had more "what am I going to do" posts than Brett Favre retirements. Not really, but, I should have never done any of that until I figured out what I was doing for sure.

Well, guess what guys?! I figured out what I'm doing, and I think it will be pretty damn special.


The Indians Are Going to Pay Gavin Floyd $4M in 2015, Deal With It

Don't act shocked. Go ahead and whine and be all "I don't know maaaaaan! Gavin Floyd is a total risk. That Antonetti is throwing away what little money the Dolans will let him spend!"
Photo Credit: Getty Images via Zimbio.com

But don't be shocked about it. You may have not known it was going to be Gavin Floyd, but this is what the Indians do. This is their "M.O." as you would say. And as an aside, how warped has that become? Do many know that stands for modus operandi, which is Latin? I'm willing to wager 75% of the population just use M.O. not knowing what it stands for or what it the textbook definition is. The other 25% are lawyers.

No no, I'm baseball (not the baseball), not questioning society. Sorry, side tracked. Gavin Floyd, right.

I get it, you are pretty bent out of shape because it is Gavin Floyd and not very flashy. You see some money spent, but you're kind of like, man, really? That's it? Where's our James Shields at?


Lap 41: Let's Compare Carlos Santana to Victor Martinez, for fun

I'm not that type of Ohioian. I don't complain about the weather that we have. Winter is part of this whole equation. At the end of the day, we have three seasons that don't suck, so let's be satisfied with that. Summer can be just as bad as the cold if it gets miserable outside in terms of the heat. Plus, we love to complain, about anything. That should be our state motto.
Photo Credit: JerseyDatabase.com

But if I had one gripe about the winter, other than we have to get through it to get to baseball season, it is the fact that sometimes it is just too cold for me to go for a run. I still get out, but I have a degree threshold. If it feels colder than 25 degrees outside, I'm likely not running in it. I'm just not that much of a badass as some are to run in that.

So most days, I'm confined to the indoor track. I promise, I'm going somewhere with this. So click on and continue reading for my point. Or don't, but I know I got you thinking about how this ties in to the Indians. Hooked!


Relive the Glory Days: Reviewing Glory Days in Tribe Town

It's 2015...

I don't say that to remind you, although I successfully wrote out checks for the first time this year without putting 2014 on them, so that's a win for me, as I'm sure it would be for most.

I state the obvious because, well, if you know what I'm all about here and in regards to how I follow the Cleveland Indians, I live in the present. I love Omar Vizquel as much as the next die-hard Tribe fan. Mike Hargrove will always have a special place in Cleveland. It was fun to cheer for Manny before he was known simply as Manny.

But I like this team. This 2015 team. I like them more than the 2014 team, which I liked more than the 2013 team, which was notched just above the 2012 team. The point is, my favorite Indians team is the current one.

I don't live in the Glory Days. But, I'm willing to indulge in some historic perspective in reviewing Glory Days in Tribe Town by Terry Pluto and Tom Hamilton. I flew through Dealing back in high school, Pluto's look through the Indians front office as they rebuilt the team he and Hamilton reminisce about in Glory Days. I'll preface this by saying that this is as much of a review of the book as it is a jab at the Glory Days contingent of fans. There's Glory Days the book (don't worry, it's good) and Glory Days the mentality.