Relive the Glory Days: Reviewing Glory Days in Tribe Town

It's 2015...

I don't say that to remind you, although I successfully wrote out checks for the first time this year without putting 2014 on them, so that's a win for me, as I'm sure it would be for most.

I state the obvious because, well, if you know what I'm all about here and in regards to how I follow the Cleveland Indians, I live in the present. I love Omar Vizquel as much as the next die-hard Tribe fan. Mike Hargrove will always have a special place in Cleveland. It was fun to cheer for Manny before he was known simply as Manny.

But I like this team. This 2015 team. I like them more than the 2014 team, which I liked more than the 2013 team, which was notched just above the 2012 team. The point is, my favorite Indians team is the current one.

I don't live in the Glory Days. But, I'm willing to indulge in some historic perspective in reviewing Glory Days in Tribe Town by Terry Pluto and Tom Hamilton. I flew through Dealing back in high school, Pluto's look through the Indians front office as they rebuilt the team he and Hamilton reminisce about in Glory Days. I'll preface this by saying that this is as much of a review of the book as it is a jab at the Glory Days contingent of fans. There's Glory Days the book (don't worry, it's good) and Glory Days the mentality.