Spring Training Overreaction Theater: Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Spring Training Overreaction Theater, where we overreact to news happening in Goodyear. News that is ultimately really insignificant in the big picture of the 2015 season, but because it is the only news available, one can't help but turn it into something bigger.

Oh the drahmaaaa!

Spring Training Overreaction Theater is not filmed in front of a live studio audience and will not be hitting Broadway anytime soon. It is an over-exaggerated take on Cleveland Indians news, and no in way how I actually feel. That isn't to say, some people out there may have reacted this way. All characters and opinions portrayed in this episode are purely coincidental...maybe.


Unimpressed Kluber: Corey, You Tease...

We gotta send him on to the next round right? Here are all today's Unimpressed Kluber's from Klubot's latest matchup against Adam Jones. All in one place for you to wonder why we care so much about a fake contest. WE CARE BECAUSE WE LOVE...DAMNIT!

No one told Corey he was facing the baseball Adam Jones, not the one who calls himself Pacman and beats people up.


Unimpressed Kluber: The Real Face of the MLB

Just in case you missed it, here are all the UnImpressed Kluber's that found their way onto the internet today during the MLB Network's Face of (the) MLB contest.



Let's Try Something Different...

I've been talking a lot lately, haven't I?

Well, a lot compared to what I have been the past, oh, year. Shoot, Two weeks and two posts of substance? I don't think I had that much substance in all my posts the past two years that I have in the past two weeks.

That sucked. Honestly, this place was becoming a sink hole. I had more "what am I going to do" posts than Brett Favre retirements. Not really, but, I should have never done any of that until I figured out what I was doing for sure.

Well, guess what guys?! I figured out what I'm doing, and I think it will be pretty damn special.


The Indians Are Going to Pay Gavin Floyd $4M in 2015, Deal With It

Don't act shocked. Go ahead and whine and be all "I don't know maaaaaan! Gavin Floyd is a total risk. That Antonetti is throwing away what little money the Dolans will let him spend!"
Photo Credit: Getty Images via Zimbio.com

But don't be shocked about it. You may have not known it was going to be Gavin Floyd, but this is what the Indians do. This is their "M.O." as you would say. And as an aside, how warped has that become? Do many know that stands for modus operandi, which is Latin? I'm willing to wager 75% of the population just use M.O. not knowing what it stands for or what it the textbook definition is. The other 25% are lawyers.

No no, I'm baseball (not the baseball), not questioning society. Sorry, side tracked. Gavin Floyd, right.

I get it, you are pretty bent out of shape because it is Gavin Floyd and not very flashy. You see some money spent, but you're kind of like, man, really? That's it? Where's our James Shields at?


Lap 41: Let's Compare Carlos Santana to Victor Martinez, for fun

I'm not that type of Ohioian. I don't complain about the weather that we have. Winter is part of this whole equation. At the end of the day, we have three seasons that don't suck, so let's be satisfied with that. Summer can be just as bad as the cold if it gets miserable outside in terms of the heat. Plus, we love to complain, about anything. That should be our state motto.
Photo Credit: JerseyDatabase.com

But if I had one gripe about the winter, other than we have to get through it to get to baseball season, it is the fact that sometimes it is just too cold for me to go for a run. I still get out, but I have a degree threshold. If it feels colder than 25 degrees outside, I'm likely not running in it. I'm just not that much of a badass as some are to run in that.

So most days, I'm confined to the indoor track. I promise, I'm going somewhere with this. So click on and continue reading for my point. Or don't, but I know I got you thinking about how this ties in to the Indians. Hooked!