High & Low of Indians Vs Royals 4/27-4/29: Giving 30 Percent, And Fine With It

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It seems like the Indians have fallen into this pattern in every series. They have a game they really should have won, a game that they lose with a real hapless feeling and a game that they win. They fell right into that pattern against the Royals.

Here's what was good, here's what was bad. Or as we say around these parts, high and low.


High & Low of Indians @ Tigers 4/24-4/26: Until We Meet Again In Two Months

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Round up your friends, the Indians aren't COMPLETELY helpless against the Tigers. And while they lost yet another series, they showed a few things in this one that leave you with some hope that things will be different the next time these two teams come together much later (late June, two months from now, crazy) in the season.


High & Low of Indians @ White Sox 4/20-4/22: One Win is Better Than None

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One of these days, we're gonna win a series again! I know it is a struggle to watch this team not win games. But this team should be winning games, which means as soon as things start falling their way, they will.

They've been in all of these games. They've kept up with the slugging Tigers to a point, and their pitching has pretty much dominated the teams that it has supposed to. They've been plagued by a rough outing here and there from a reliever or whatever. Things will turn soon, just keep your faith. Still, don't excuse what doesn't need excused.


Do and Know It All: Reviewing 100 Things Indians Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

I don't have a bucket list. I think the term is weird. That's just me. I'm kind of like a hippy sometimes. Don't conform to modern terms man! No, kidding, but really. What I do have is a list of things I want to see or do at some point and I have a bit of a time attached to them. Within five years, within 10 years, so on and so forth.

One of the things on that list is see the Indians in the World Series and attend their Championship parade.

That is listed in the "at some point in my life category" because, Cleveland. I can only hope that is something that I at least have the opportunity for. One can hope, right?

Safe to say though, attend a Championship parade is not in Zack Meisel's book: 100 Things Indians Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die. I don't blame him for not including it, because, well, did they have parades back in 1948? Does anyone know how awesome it was, if it actually transpired?

All of the "do" type entries into Zack's list all have a prior experience or something worthwhile to attach to it. I can imagine though that attending said parade is definitely something every Indians fan will want to do before they die.

I mean, it's on my bucket list, err to do list.


Babbling Tribe: An Extended Aviles Rant

The way last nights events unfolded was absolutely tragic.

Okay, now that I got the over-dramatics out of the way, let's move on from that disaster of a loss and focus on what is really important. Moving forward.

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To move forward though, we do need to address what is perhaps the most glaring and problematic issue that was present last night. One that, while it didn't out-right cost the Indians the game, could continue to play a role in how the Indians season unfolds from here on out.

It isn't Cody Allen, because Cody Allen had a bad night. Chalk it up to cold, or whatever, I'm not sure and I'm not sold on Allen having a long-term issue. I'd like to give him more than a few weeks of inconsistency. He's gone out and looked absolute dominate and then had nights like last night where he was spotty. I need more evidence.

The problem that I have is one that I brought up prior to the game and have been bringing up since it first happened this season.

Mike Aviles is not an outfielder. I don't know under what realm of baseball we are playing that Terry Francona believes that he is, but he needs to get out of it.


High & Low of Indians @ Twins 4/17-4/19: The Twins Have To Win Some Games, Right?

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The good news is that at least the Indians won a game. The bad news is that they're lucky to have won it. The other news is that I avoided high blood pressure by not watching Friday's game. I haven't decided if that's good or bad.


High & Low of Indians vs White Sox 4/14-4/15: Bauer Continues to Impress

I debated if it was even worth a high and low for a two game series.

Because you are reading this, I obviously decided that it was. I mean, it may not be? But it was my decision that it was. Yeah there's some highs and some lows. But maybe not as many as you would expect.


High & Low of Indians vs Tigers 4/10-4/12: Enter Sandsman

I know that wasn't very fun and you are probably asking yourself. "Dude, really, how could there be ANY highs to that series?"

I'll find some, in fact, I'll lead off with one. Things will get better though, I promise.


High & Low of Indians @ Astros 4/6-4/9: Almost Perfect

Happy Home Opener!

Greatest day of the year, right? I mean, for what it signifies. I'll make it brief. Read this if you want some Opening Day content. Or Home Opener content. Whatever terminology you are using. I went on a little longer about Opening Day and what not and you can get your fix for that on EHC.

What I'm here to do right now is try out a little new approach to the content. So, roll with me, it may change, or I may never do it again, or who knows. With a subtle nod of the head to a favorite wrestling recap over at Uproxx, I'm going to try and pin point the highs and the lows of each series. 

Again this could go awful. Or who knows. Whatever. Let's have fun.


Ten Best of the Rest of Spring Training

Man, I thought the beginning of the Spring Training was awesome. I genuinely was going to do a one-off with the ten best of Spring Training at the point I did it.

Then Spring Training got even better. So much so, I don't have to have the ten best things of spring, but rather ten more awesome things that happened since I last compiled a list. So here is the ten best things of the rest of Spring Training.

In case you missed the ten best of the first half of Cleveland Indians Spring Training, you can catch up here.