High & Low of Indians Vs Rangers 5/25-5/27: When Hotness Meets Hotness

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Before we get to business, please make sure you read my latest up on Everybody Hates Cleveland. It revolves primarily around Jason Kipnis, but it's one of my, un-baseball-related type pieces that relates to social media, and my favorite topic, the Indians fans.

Other than that, let's party. Your highs and lows for the Indians and the Rangers.


High & Low of Indians Vs Reds 5/22-5/24: This is a baseball team

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Six straight! Not a lot of lows, and that's how we like it.


High & Low of Indians @ White Sox 5/18-5/21: Left For Dead, But Pitching Big

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This certainly doesn't look like a last place team. That isn't to say they haven't played like one for a good portion of the year. But in the past week, they have played like the team we expected at the start of the season. It's only two series, but a 5-2 road trip is a little more uplifting.


High & Low of Indians @ Rangers 5/15-5/17: Kipnis is the Fire

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That's Nick Swisher. You may know him from favorites like four strikeout game, four hit game, and Brohio. I'm putting a picture of him up there because its fun. We won two games man, let's have a little bit of it.

And he had a game that you should have been as excited for as annoying you were for his four strikeout game. On second though, no, you don't deserve to. Let's get on with it though, because we had a lot of good for once.


High & Low of Indians Vs Cardinals 5/12-5/14: It's Always Sweet Until It Goes Sour

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Well into the seventh inning of Thursday's game, I thought for sure that we'd see our first series win and first back-to-back wins since the first week of the season. It is now mid-May and yet again that will not be happening. Maybe against Texas?


Babbling Tribe: Corey Kluber Pitched One of the Greatest Games Ever

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Even if Corey Kluber had thrown a no-hitter, it wouldn't have been as rare as what he actually did on Wednesday night. Even if Corey Kluber had thrown a perfect game, it wouldn't have been as rare as what he had the potential to do, and what he should have had the opportunity to do against the Cardinals.

Yeah, a no-hitter is rare, and hard to do. But it relies on the talent of the whole team, some luck, and a competent pitching performance. Even a perfect game, same deal, with a little more of each of those qualities, amplified a bit.

Corey Kluber became just the 19th pitcher ever to strikeout 18 hitters in a game in his first win of 2015. Since the beginning of 2010, 22 hitters have pitched a no-hitter. You tell me, what's harder to do?


High & Low of Indians Vs Twins 5/8-5/10: Somebody Call Their Mommas

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This was going to take on a real somber tone if the Indians had gotten swept at home by the Twins. Mostly because I attended Sunday's game and that would have just been a kick in the teeth.


High & Low of Indians @ Royals 5/5-5/7: 0-for-Kluber

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When do we get to dump Gatorade on our players? Sad face...


Indians Ten Best of April: Fight Jerry Fight!

One miserable month down. Let's all hope that it was the only miserable month of Indians baseball. It certainly wasn't an overly fun April in 2014, but the rest of the year makes us hopeful that perhaps the Tribe is just in that same pattern of sputtering out to a bad start before they put it together.

The downside is that this start makes them a little worse off. The upside is that none of that plays into us recapping the 10 best things of the Indians April. Of course, not a lot of them relate to the product on the field, but that's how we do things here.