High & Low of Indians @ Orioles 6/26-6/28: Hitting Rock Baltimore

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You probably know that what is to follow is not going to be pretty. We've been able to avoid all-lows series because as you can probably remember, the Indians haven't been swept since the beginning of the year.

Well not only did they get swept, they got shutout in a double header. Good luck finding something positive here. So here's all the lows and maybe some highs of a horrible weekend in Baltimore for the Cleveland Indians.


High & Low of Indians Vs Tigers 6/22-6/24: The Cleveland One-Two-Step

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I sincerely do not believe that the Detroit Tigers hold a psychological edge over the Cleveland Indians. Now, maybe if they won EVERY game against the Tribe. But hey, the Indians once again got a win in there.

Now, Miguel Cabrera? I think he's wrecked everyone on the pitching staff. Probably everyone period. But, uh, I'll get into that in a bit, because that's what the rest of this exercise is for.

Anyway, the Cleveland One-Two Step? One step forward, two steps backward. That's uh, how it goes all the time. It's a dance. Don't do it. It's annoying.


High & Low of Indians Vs Cubs & Rays 6/15-6/21: This Isn't How We Drew it Up

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I skipped the Cubs double-series because the end of my week was quite tiresome and busy. But seeing how the entire offense this past weekend is just one big low, I figured we could jam pack everything into one weekly recap this week. So, let's have some double-fun with six games between three teams in where three different teams were the home team.


High & Low of Indians @ Tigers 6/12-6/14: Get bit, scratch back

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Oh let's just get on with it. I promise I'll keep the vomit to a minimum as I'm sure you are pre-ordering that Francisco Lindor shirsey. You may be able to hold onto it a little longer than your Dellavedova one.


High & Low of Indians Vs Mariners 6/9-6/11: If We Can Get Out of This Alive

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You constantly right the ship's course, despite the fact that it doesn't seem like you need to. All of a sudden though you are veering off to the left even though you made a dramatic turn forward back in the correct direction.

It's the water. Or the wind. Whatever it is, the Indians are that boat. They make these dramatic turns, but then a few games later find themselves veering off to the left yet again.

Oh well, it has been a good while since we've done High and Low thanks to a weekend trip for me, so let's get back at it and start the weekend off right, am I right?


Babbling Tribe: Indians Shake Up the Infield Equation

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I spent the weekend out of town, so no ability to watch the games or anything. Followed along best I could, through Twitter and MLB At Bat.

There seemed to be an overwhelming amount of angst over Jose Ramirez and his latest, well, I don't even know how to call it.


Indians Ten Best of May: Because Kipnis

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I told you May would be better than April. And if I didn't, I should have, more blatantly. Guys, this is a long season. The Indians are a good ball team and they're going to put it together more than they have this past month. It's going to be a fun season, promise.

And with that, we have more than Jerry Sands and a 13-1 win over Detroit to highlight as the best. Here's the ten best things that happened in the month of May.


High & Low of Indians @ Mariners 5/28-5/31: All's Well that Ends Well

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Three outta four! May was good to the Tribe, but let's hope June is better. Here comes the red-hot Tribe. Sorry if you gave up in April!