High & Low of Indians Vs Red Sox 10/2-10/4: Good Night and a Good Day

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If only the start was as good as the end.

That's what we're all thinking. But instead of worrying about it, let's celebrate the end. Let's all gather around and hold hands. Not really, but figuratively. Let's celebrate this sweep of the Boston Red Sox and ending of the season on a winning note. Let's rejoice in the fact that this team has a winning record yet again, for the third straight season.

Is it acceptable with one playoff appearance? I mean, who cares right at this point? There is a time to discuss that. That time is not now. The time now is to enjoy this. So let's do that, okay guys?


High & Low of Indians Vs Twins 9/28-10/1: Flipping Out

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So it officially ends. The run for salvaging this season has ended. I think we all thought it was inevitable, but for it to not officially end until the final week is saying something. Is it what we were expecting when the season started? Of course not. But it also wasn't what we were expecting when the Indians were 10-some games under .500 and floundering for an identity.

So you take what you can and with there home games left and a chance to go above .500 if they sweep, there's pride and progress to play for.