Partake in this Fan Experiment on the Indians

Hello friends.

As we round out the old year (no one ever calls it the old year, we all call the upcoming year the new year) I wanted to touch base with a new project. As you know, my more in-depth pieces about the Indians appear on Everybody Hates Cleveland, and my random mishmash stuff appears here.

I haven't had much of either as of late.

But, yesterday we kicked off a study of Indians fandom that I'm conducting. That sounds so official. Conducting a study.

Oh boy. Either way, I just wanted to drop in a quick plug in case you haven't seen it yet. If you follow me on Twitter, you've likely already seen me plug it and if you still do, unfollow me now because that's all I'll do for the next five weeks.

Just kidding, don't unfollow me.

Go partake. And just as importantly (not that you aren't important, you are, but you are likely sensible) give it to someone you dislike.

Happy New Year! Hope your Old Year is rounding out nicely!