Nino Colla | Friday, November 08, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

I have one real big question for you...

Are you passionate about the Indians?

If you answered yes, then great, we are on the same page.

If you answered no, you are a Yankee fan that mistakenly fell onto this link, go away.

But now that we've got that out of the way, you probably did click on here because you have some sort of interest in writing about the Indians, and that's where we can help each other out.

I started this site in 2008 and have been the only person putting up things, aside from the occasional guest post here and there. Now, we're taking this to the next step and giving other people the chance to get in on the fun and have their voice heard. 

I've learned a few things about this fan base since I've been doing this. For one Cleveland fans have incredibly intelligent opinions and thoughts. And not only that, they are vocal about it. Finding your voice in this fan base, can be tough, it has taken several years for more than a few people to pay attention to The Tribe Daily.

This isn't about me, never really has been. This site has just been something that I've enjoyed doing because it involves a few of the things that I really love and enjoy. 

With all that said, I'm looking for people that would like to contribute to the site. I don't have much to offer you in return, but here are the details of what I'm looking for, and what I can do for you.


What I Can Give You
It isn't much, but there are a few things that I can offer you if you'd like to contribute to the site.
  • A voice. Really, I know how hard it is to start a blog from scratch and get people to read it. It takes a lot of hard work. If you just wanna be heard, a few people will see what you have to offer. If you are a writer just starting out and need a voice, lemme help.
  • Along with that, I can offer you something to put on your resume if you are looking for that type of thing. It isn't easy to get experiences when you are starting out. You wont have it on your resume years from now, but when you are getting your foot in the door, SOME writing experience helps. I can be a reference for you too.
  • A set of eyes. I've not only been doing this blog thing for a few years, I earned a degree to do this stuff (no, not own a profitless blog), so I know what I'm doing in terms of writing and all that fun stuff. I've worked at a newspaper, I know how to edit and I know how to write for the web. If you want advice on your stuff, and someone to look over it, this is a great opportunity.
  • A platform to display your passion. Look if you are just as passionate as I am about the Indians and just want an outlet, that's what this is all about, so you probably should just talk to me right now.

Currently looking for:

Here are the types of contributors that the site is currently looking for. If you don't see something that interests you right now, e-mail me and tell me what you are good at, or what you'd really like to do. If it works, we can talk. The one requirement for all of these spots? You need to be passionate about the Tribe. Seriously, that really is why this site is here, so if you are passionate, let's talk.

Series Previewer
  • Must have a good knowledge about the MLB as a whole, working knowledge of current teams, as well as a greater indepth knowledge about the Indians.
  • Must also enjoy statistics and using them.
  • Would be responsible for 2 posts a week, sometimes a third.
  • Has to be accustomed to follow a routine layout of a post and reliable for having a series preview ready before the start of it every week.
  • Enjoys nicknames (site requirement, you must).
  • There are several "types" of contributors that you can be. If you have a specific niche, let's talk and we can do something in that sense. If you just like giving your opinion, that is awesome, or if you like a specific area of the Indians and that is your thing, that is cool too. 
  • Would be responsible for 1-2 posts per week depending on what it is you are specializing in.
  • Have a good amount of knowledge about the Cleveland Indians organization as a whole or a large amount of the specific area interested in.
  • Enjoys nicknames (site requirement, you must).
Minor League Contributor
  • Must have an understanding knowledge about the Indians minor league system.
  • Would be responsible for regular posts (1-3 posts per week) that update latest stats, news, and information from all minor league affiliates.
  • Has moderate knowledge about or can research minor league prospects and players from other organizations to provide analysis.
  • Enjoys nicknames (site requirement, you must).

Any of this sound good?  If it does, shoot me an e-mail (nino@thetribedaily.com) and we can talk. I don't take applications or want specific questions answered, but previous writing experience (in some fashion) really helps me determine what you bring to the table, so some links (regardless of where it is or what it is about or who reads it) can help me. Don't be afraid to shoot me an e-mail today! If you have a different idea that isn't listed there, we can also chat, I'm open to adding to the team in any fashion as long as it isn't repeated.