Nino Colla | Monday, January 19, 2015 | Best Blogger Tips

This website is not affiliated with or with anyone in the Cleveland Indians organization or MLB.com. Clearly...

All news and links posted on this site are just that, links to other sites. I will often paste quotes from Indians.com or other websites, but you will always know when I do. Everything else is my opinion and my opinion alone. Do not take anything I say on this site as legitimate news unless I have provided a link. If I ever speculate on something, I will usually note it. Anything I do say without valid proof is usually speculation or opinion.

All quotes from other sources are usually highlighted in gray.

All quotes from other people that express an opinion or make a statement are usually highlighted in blue. I may eventually forget this, so whatever.

This is a stand along operation, I, Nino Colla, am the sole operator and editor. I write for no other website currently and I have attended the Indians Social Suite/Social Deck on multiple occasions through invitation from the Indians media department. However they've never pressed for me to express any sort of opinion. I'm a fan, just like anybody else. I'm not a member of the media, but I did receive proper training to be one (I think?!). No really, my schooling was for exactly this, so I know a thing or two, have worked for newspapers and websites, but I'm by no means Anthony Castrovince (hat tip).

Any opinions expressed by other writers on this website belong to that writer and that writer alone.

Please treat this site for what it is. A blog, run by a diehard Indians fan and blogger. Use it for what it is intended to do. Provide not just news and a different outlook on the Cleveland Indians, but as a place to share your love for the Cleveland Indians. Comment, or just read, or interact with me on Twitter. However you want to use the site. I'm not a news source, I don't have any inside contacts feeding me news or anything like that. Everything I post here is available on the internet and view I express that isn't news, is opinion and speculation and should be taken as such.