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About: Thank you for stumbling upon my humble blog. I've re-written this bio several of times and each time, I go back and read what I wrote and do one of those face palm things. Here's the particulars, because you care. Current Akronite, formerly from Youngstown. I'm a half-marathoner and spend time outdoors either in nature or at the ballpark. I have several undergraduate degrees from The University of Akron and a Master's degree. I wanted to do this whole "write about baseball!" thing as a gig then realized I already kind of do it in the most self-serving way. Now I feed my passion of working with students and planning events as my full time job, which allows me to do this as I please, no strings attached, when I want, how I want. You'll find me at a multitude of games because I just spend all my money on running and baseball. I guess there's worse habits, right?

Favorite Current Indian: Trevor Bauer. It's an unhealthy obsession.

Favorite All-Time Indian: Jody Gerut. People ask me, "Nino, what the hell is with your obsession with Jody Gerut." Not really, they typically ask me, Who the hell is Jody Gerut? Die hard fans who sat in the stands in the early 00's when the team was throwing out no-names remember the name, but there's only one who still loves Jody Gerut, and that's this guy. Why? Everyone has someone they just like, for no real good reason. Jody Gerut is not that guy for me, I actually have really good reasons, you just may not believe me. I met Jody in 2015, he was signing at a game next to Jason Stanford. I completely snubbed Stanford because I didn't want him to put his autograph on the same ball Jody was signing. The ball sits in my office next to the picture we took. 12-year-old Nino beamed that day.

Most Memorable Moment: I have so many. Can I just put the whole 2007 season? I went to three huge games that year, including the Fausto-Joba Midge Battle and the Game 4 of the ALCS when the Indians went up 3-1 on the Red Sox. However the game that stands out more than any other for me was earlier in the regular season when Casey Blake hit the walk-off home run against the Tigers. It pretty much was the game that led to the Tribe to go on and take control of the division. I also was at the Bill Selby game when he owned Mariano Rivera, and if you were there, how could you forget that?
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