Indians Ten Best of June: Where Popsicles, Ransom Notes, and Lindors Run Free

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This past month almost ended in a nasty way. But a few wins and things are kind of upbeat around these parts. Of course, the Indians haven't made much headway in the standings, at least not as much as we thought they would after May seemed to be a turn-around of sorts.

Which can only mean that since June wasn't as prosperous, we up the ante on the ridiculousness for our Ten Best of June. This list is scientific and without dispute, the best of the Indians past month.


High & Low of Indians @ Orioles 6/26-6/28: Hitting Rock Baltimore

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You probably know that what is to follow is not going to be pretty. We've been able to avoid all-lows series because as you can probably remember, the Indians haven't been swept since the beginning of the year.

Well not only did they get swept, they got shutout in a double header. Good luck finding something positive here. So here's all the lows and maybe some highs of a horrible weekend in Baltimore for the Cleveland Indians.


High & Low of Indians Vs Tigers 6/22-6/24: The Cleveland One-Two-Step

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I sincerely do not believe that the Detroit Tigers hold a psychological edge over the Cleveland Indians. Now, maybe if they won EVERY game against the Tribe. But hey, the Indians once again got a win in there.

Now, Miguel Cabrera? I think he's wrecked everyone on the pitching staff. Probably everyone period. But, uh, I'll get into that in a bit, because that's what the rest of this exercise is for.

Anyway, the Cleveland One-Two Step? One step forward, two steps backward. That's uh, how it goes all the time. It's a dance. Don't do it. It's annoying.


High & Low of Indians Vs Cubs & Rays 6/15-6/21: This Isn't How We Drew it Up

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I skipped the Cubs double-series because the end of my week was quite tiresome and busy. But seeing how the entire offense this past weekend is just one big low, I figured we could jam pack everything into one weekly recap this week. So, let's have some double-fun with six games between three teams in where three different teams were the home team.


High & Low of Indians @ Tigers 6/12-6/14: Get bit, scratch back

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Oh let's just get on with it. I promise I'll keep the vomit to a minimum as I'm sure you are pre-ordering that Francisco Lindor shirsey. You may be able to hold onto it a little longer than your Dellavedova one.


High & Low of Indians Vs Mariners 6/9-6/11: If We Can Get Out of This Alive

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You constantly right the ship's course, despite the fact that it doesn't seem like you need to. All of a sudden though you are veering off to the left even though you made a dramatic turn forward back in the correct direction.

It's the water. Or the wind. Whatever it is, the Indians are that boat. They make these dramatic turns, but then a few games later find themselves veering off to the left yet again.

Oh well, it has been a good while since we've done High and Low thanks to a weekend trip for me, so let's get back at it and start the weekend off right, am I right?


Babbling Tribe: Indians Shake Up the Infield Equation

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I spent the weekend out of town, so no ability to watch the games or anything. Followed along best I could, through Twitter and MLB At Bat.

There seemed to be an overwhelming amount of angst over Jose Ramirez and his latest, well, I don't even know how to call it.