High & Low of Indians vs White Sox 4/14-4/15: Bauer Continues to Impress

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I debated if it was even worth a high and low for a two game series.

Because you are reading this, I obviously decided that it was. I mean, it may not be? But it was my decision that it was. Yeah there's some highs and some lows. But maybe not as many as you would expect.


High & Low of Indians vs Tigers 4/10-4/12: Enter Sandsman

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I know that wasn't very fun and you are probably asking yourself. "Dude, really, how could there be ANY highs to that series?"

I'll find some, in fact, I'll lead off with one. Things will get better though, I promise.


High & Low of Indians @ Astros 4/6-4/9: Almost Perfect

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Happy Home Opener!

Greatest day of the year, right? I mean, for what it signifies. I'll make it brief. Read this if you want some Opening Day content. Or Home Opener content. Whatever terminology you are using. I went on a little longer about Opening Day and what not and you can get your fix for that on EHC.

What I'm here to do right now is try out a little new approach to the content. So, roll with me, it may change, or I may never do it again, or who knows. With a subtle nod of the head to a favorite wrestling recap over at Uproxx, I'm going to try and pin point the highs and the lows of each series. 

Again this could go awful. Or who knows. Whatever. Let's have fun.


Ten Best of the Rest of Spring Training

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Man, I thought the beginning of the Spring Training was awesome. I genuinely was going to do a one-off with the ten best of Spring Training at the point I did it.

Then Spring Training got even better. So much so, I don't have to have the ten best things of spring, but rather ten more awesome things that happened since I last compiled a list. So here is the ten best things of the rest of Spring Training.

In case you missed the ten best of the first half of Cleveland Indians Spring Training, you can catch up here.


Spring Training Overreaction Theater: Episode 2

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Welcome to the second episode of Spring Training Overreaction Theater, where we overreact to news happening in Goodyear. News that is ultimately really insignificant in the big picture of the 2015 season, but because it is the only news available, one can't help but turn it into something bigger.

Oh the drahmaaaa!

Spring Training Overreaction Theater is not filmed in front of a live studio audience and will not be hitting Broadway anytime soon. It is an over-exaggerated take on Cleveland Indians news, and no in way how I actually feel. That isn't to say, some people out there may have reacted this way. All characters and opinions portrayed in this episode are purely coincidental...maybe.


Babbling Tribe: What's Going on in Right Field?

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No overall point to be made, no data or evidence to support anything, reminiscing about the past sometimes, and always just a stream of sometimes but often times not incoherent thoughts about the Cleveland Indians. This is Babbling Tribe.


There was a time in baseball where your right fielder had the best arm and was a power bat. Right handedness aside, that may still be that time in baseball. I don't really know. I'm not going to go down the list of teams and look at their starting right fielder. That's a pointless exercise.

The idea of a right fielder isn't the same and never should be. Every roster is different, every team constructed in its own unique way, designed to win the way the management in control thinks is best.

The Indians have always done things, in the Shapiro-Antonetti era at least, with a bit of a routine. They have their favorite strategies and approaches in constructing a roster, regardless of manager or philosophy. Garbage time old reliever who can give you innings in April that makes the team out of Spring Training, signing a starter who is coming off some sort of hard time (eeek!) to fill into the rotation, grabbing some sort of defensive minded utility player on a minor league deal that eventually finds their way onto the club. I could probably add a few more.


The Ten Best Things at Indians Spring Training So Far

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There's so much going on right now in the world of the Cleveland Indians during Spring Training. You have players flying drones, wearing masks, and dressing up as their supposed cousin. You have Indians Twitter kicking all sorts of butt, parody accounts have never been hotter. And oh yeah, there's been some on the field action too.

You can never take a whole lot of stock into spring performances though. As was detailed in fun with Overreaction Spring Training Theater, there's no reason to be going all crazy over certain things, so let's have some fun.

Here are my top ten favorite things of Spring Training thus far.