The Anatomy of Irregularity and Expectations

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I spent time trying to convince myself that I can be the same old-same old when it came to posting updates to this blog, that I could do it as often as I and you had become accustomed to. Only, do it differently, in a new way.

Then I stopped trying to re-invent everything that this space is about and embrace it for what it is, just as I embraced it for what it was at each period of time. No doubt, if you've been here since 2008, you know just how different each year has looked, aside from a few years where it was pretty much the same. The last few had some external pressure to perform, but make no mistake, there was way more internal pressure from myself.

I'm going somewhere with this, I promise, and I may get there quicker than you think.


Pulse of the Tribe: The Real Opening Day

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All we need to do today... is celebrate...

Of course, we have many reasons to celebrate. There is nothing better than an Opening Day in Cleveland, even if the Indians have already started playing. Sure MLB's "Opening Day" was earlier this week, and shoot, the first game was in Australia this year. That technically opened up the MLB season and even then, Sunday night's contest was the first official game in April.

But today... Today is the real Opening Day that everyone in the 216 and surrounding local areas waits for.

Nothing beats the excitement or energy than what this day is and means to everyone who loves the Cleveland Indians.


The 25 Man Roster, in One Sentence or Less

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Well the roster is set. Year after year I'd sit around in February and early March and try and figure out who exactly was going to make it through the spring, how the roster would eventually shake out.

As you already know, I didn't do that this year. It didn't stop me from sitting back and thinking about it though. As I look at how the roster actually shook out though, it is quite obvious that the common themes with how this team operates continued to develop.

Its actually pretty scientific if you ask me. This team (and I don't know how other teams operate, I don't follow them closely, so others might do the same sort of thing or follow the same protocol) tends to follow the same lines. There's a few common rules.


Springing Into Action: Brantley's Spot and Finding a Place for Chiz

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Things are starting to come together for this version of the 2014 Cleveland Indians as they round the corner of spring training. Plenty of roster moves have been made in the past few days, and plenty more to follow as the Opening Day roster beings to take shape. We've got just one week to the season's beginning, and I really can't believe it is already here.
Photo - Chuck Crow via Cleveland Plain Dealer

I said this last time, but I think things go quickly when you are paying less attention or are less entrenched in the happenings. Other things for me have been going really slow. The baseball season though? It has approached very quickly.

I'm not sure I prefer that though. I like to stop and savor each moment. I like it taking forever. The anticipation, the build-up, the fact that I get to let my steak marinate for an extra long time so that when I do finally get to enjoy it, it tastes really freakin' good.

Here's a first for you. I'm going to be out of town for the start of baseball season. I'm going to miss the first three games. So, I guess, I do have to wait. I have to wait a little longer than all of you. Which is why I'm throwing myself back into the fray right now. I'm going to let this week-plus between now and real live Indians baseball that counts go by incredibly slow. My steak needs some seasoning before I bite in.


Back Again... The Name Topping, Always Entertaining...

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What has become a yearly tradition is back, for the third year in a row. That means, its like, a tradition right? Once is a coincidence, twice is a trend, three times is...something or other.

For your entertainment, and potentially, my downfall, at least not last year, The Tribe Daily Invitational Fantasy Baseball League (mouth full) is back! The third installment is underway and ready to take applicants.


Another Form of Hibernation

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The best way to make it through a long cold winter of no baseball when you operate a blog and write about it on almost-daily basis?

Don't write about it for two months, which is a large majority of that long cold winter...

Monday is the start of the week, so it seemed as good of a time as any. Excuse me friends as I dust off the blog log-in, trying to get in was a little hard. I'm not a fan of spiders (who really is?) and there was a big ole' spider web sticking in the corner of the doorway. I had to find a broom to knock it down. That took enough time.

Three paragraphs and I'm already making up dramatic sequences that are not real for the purposes of, well, I don't really know.

I have been away and look, it has been two months, and a few days, since I've even logged in to pen words, I'm a little rusty, so excuse the ups and downs and if I end up citing something in APA format, try and look past it, that's just grad school talking (Hoynes, 2014, p. I'm just kidding... no one cites Hoynes).


Offseason Rundown: Tribe Respond to Talk With Low-Cost Investments in Axford, Marcum

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The calm before the storm was actually the calm within the storm. 

Last week, we talked about how that this whole winter meetings thing wasn't the Indians jig to jive to. They're speed is much more what we are seeing this week. It didn't take very long for the winter meetings to end and all the talk to subside for business to pick up.

Because that's how the Indians go about doing their business. 

All this talk all week, oh we'll talk about the talking. But not before we talk about the business that has actually gone down in the past few days. Talk is cheap, and it's even cheaper when it's talk about more talk.

Photo - Getty Images via Yahoo! Sports

There's a lot of great things about John Axford. His name rocks, it's a built-in nickname and moniker for the role of a closer. He's got a fantastic mustache. And while I'm sure there are other things that make him great, those two are the only ones that matter to me. 

The Indians were "rumored" and talked about in having interest in signing a reliever with closing experience. There's still a lot of names out there that have closing experience, so there interest could have spread far and wide.