High & Low of Indians Vs Blue Jays 8/19-8/21: Party Like A Rock Star

One of the best teams in the AL, the AL East leading Blue Jays. The Indians won the series. They're seven up on the Tigers. It's almost the end of August.

If you didn't think this was serious, you better now.


High & Low of Indians @ Nationals 8/9-8/10: Time for a Spanish Lesson

Yeah, um, this is one of the two best teams in the National League right now and if they don't make a deep run in the playoffs, it would be an upset. I'm talking about the Washington Nationals of course, and the Indians split their season series with them. If you won't take that, you won't ever be pleased.

Here are the highs and lows of this quick visit to the capital.


High & Low of Indians @ Yankees 8/5-8/7: Chill Out Now

This was a terrible week.

That being said the Indians still won two games and are two up on the Tigers, with them playing their best ball of the season. If a terrible week is two wins and not zero, I'll take it.

I have two questions: How likely is it do you think the Tigers continue to play their best ball of the season for the rest of these two months? Yeah, uh huh. And how likely is it that the Indians play below average ball, which is what they've played this past week? Yeah, thought so, because as pointed out against the Twins, the problem this week was the thing that has powered them all year.

Here's your highs and lows of the Indians escape from New York.


High & Low of Indians Vs Twins 8/1-8/4: That One Is Going to Sting a Little

Welp... At least there was one win.

Here are the highs and lows of the Indians dropped four-game series against the Twins.


High & Low of Indians Vs Nationals: 7/26-7/27: Splitting the Good Times

You may have noticed, or you probably didn't, that there was no High & Low for the series against the Orioles. Was it because it was terrible? Yeah, kind of, but not really. The truth is I didn't see a second of any three of the games, all were listened to mostly on the radio and when that happens, I don't really feel qualified to provide much of a perspective on game highlights.

So I skipped it. Hope that's okay. Not to mention, that entire series would probably just be one big giant low in the grand scheme of what's happened this season. So, blah. With that though, we've got a two-game set with the Nats to look over and, because I will be spending the weekend out in the wilderness and won't be seeing a second of the games this weekend nor will I even be able to listen. So, our what has been and will be for a bit a weekly dose of High & Low for your Cleveland Indians.


High & Low of Indians @ Royals: 7/18-7/20: Bow Down to the Kings

Remember... Win the series, win the series, win the series. You don't need to sweep, although it's nice, but when you win the series, you are keeping that 2-1 advantage you've gained. Another series win and this time, against the Royals who are now NINE (9!) games back and at the .500 mark. I wouldn't count them out, but this had to be a nice body shot that is making them extremely unbalanced and ready to be knocked out.

Here's some fun highs and just a few lows for the series win (win!) for the Indians over the Royals.


High & Low of Indians @ Twins 7/15-7/17: Now That's More Like It

And now, beating the Twins! Because that's something that needed to happen in 2016 to prove the Indians are legitimate contenders.*

Your highs and lows of the series win over the Minnesota Twins.