Where Do We Go From Here?

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There comes a point in every baseball season when reality sets in.

I thought perhaps that reality set in a few weeks ago and things in Baltimore boiled over for the Tribe. They seemed to kick it in gear after that and just maybe we'd be turning the corner for good. But then the wheels spun, and we ended up right back here. Back where I honestly didn't think this team would be this season, at any point, even when things looked a little shaky.

I'm not sure where to start. Perhaps here. There'd be no point in a High & Low today because there's not much you can gain from a weekend when you put a grand total of five runs up in four games and it all ends with yet another team meeting in which your best player says the team is playing like shit.

So here we are. I'll try and organize this, but I can't guarantee anything.


Babbling Tribe: Welcome to Rumor Season

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I've come to a realization. The worst time of the year isn't when baseball is over at the end of the year. When you have to wait the longest you'll wait all year for it to return.

The worst time of the year is right now, during baseball season, right now, before the trade deadline hits. How could a time in-season, in the middle of summer with beautiful weather, when kids don't have school, and fun things are happening be the worst time of the year?

I'm being dramatic, stop it. But that's par for the course.

Get ready for rampant rumors shielded as simple hearsay that gets extrapolated beyond it's original form. Where Team A has talked to Team B about Player X turns into Team A trading Players D, I, & E to Team B for Player X and O.


High & Low of Indians @ Brewers 7/21-7/22: Not Going Anywhere, In More Ways Than One

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A 3-2 road trip out of the break? Sure, you'd have liked 4-1 over the bottom of the NL Central, but coming out of the break, I kind of take that. It means nothing if this weekend doesn't go well though. I think it is now the absolute end of time in terms of putzing around with around .500. If a rocket doesn't go off soon by the end of the month, ya best not be worried about any sort of contention.


High & Low of Indians @ Reds 7/17-7/19: Walk Along, Nothing to See Here

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This may be one of the more brief High & Lows that I've done. I got beat up pretty good yesterday biking when I hit a bump and took a spill. I'm okay, but I've got some cuts on my hand that make it intolerable to set my hand on the hot laptop. And I feel like passing out, so there's that.

Oh, no, I didn't hit my head or anything. Watching the Indians offense yesterday made me exhausted, so, that's the whole passing out thing.


High & Low of Indians Vs Athletics 7/10-7/12: Get Off the Bus

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The last two games I went to, I broke a cardinal sin of a diehard baseball fan and a personal rule that I myself follow. Never leave a game until it's over. I did it twice in a week and I'll never forgive myself. The first was not my call due to the rain and being with other people who had no interest in staying, and there was ice cream involved. The second was Wednesday when I made the incorrect assumption that the game would go quicker than it did and decided to park in a deck that closed at 10. Whoops, my bad. Luckily the big Murphy hit happened and I was able to leave without missing the big moment, but I couldn't forgive myself for leaving early.

So I went Saturday to make up for it. There was no rain, I parked in a deck that doesn't suck, and I went alone. Is that weird? It might be, but with no one else to worry about, I watched the game from different parts of the park. I watched a few innings from the corner, went over to behind the bullpens. Watched a few innings from the concourse on the first and third base lines, and ended the night on the home run porch. And you know what? One of the more enjoyable baseball games I've ever gone to. Just baseball.

If that makes me weird, well, I'm okay not being normal.


High & Low of Indians Vs Astros 7/6-7/9: Playing With Swagger

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There's a different feeling with this team if you ask me. I was at the game on Wednesday and just watching the game on Thursday, there was a different feeling with this team in regards to how they play beyond the sixth inning. The first few its like okay, whatever, they fall behind or they are in a tie game. But when that sixth inning hits, it has gone from a feeling of, "oh well, they'll find a way to lose if they aren't already," to a feeling of "if they haven't found a way to take the lead, they will soon."

You guys, we may have finally seen the corner turned.


High & Low of Indians @ Pirates 7/3-7/5: Invade, Party, Leave

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I was wondering how long it would take for that sight above. The forecast all week was kind of hit or miss. They were saying Saturday and Sunday may ray, probably Thursday. Friday? Looked okay.

And for the most part, Friday was gorgeous. Then the game approached and it didn't do anything but rain. From before first pitch until late into the night it was raining. Remarkably they played most of this game in the rain. It wasn't entirely heavy, so it was playable, but clearly not the best of conditions.

It dampened my evening, as I was certainly expecting a perfect night for baseball, considering the morning was just that. But hey, it made for a fun atmosphere for Indians fans, as our bunch took over the park, even with thousands more Pirates fans in attendance, it looked like there was just as many Indians fans at the end of the game than Pirates fans.

So, your highs and lows of the Indians fourth of July weekend romp in Pittsburgh. Overall, it is a bit abbreviated because I was there all weekend and while that meant I got to watch the games on TV (score!), I didn't get full pieces and also less time to get this together.