High & Low of Indians Vs Yankees 8/11-8/13: Playing With Grit

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Cleveland Indians
Can't disagree with how well this team is playing and how they are playing. Even with not picking up the sweep like you would have hoped for, they could have rolled over and died on Thursday, but they didn't. Give me two wins and a team that looks ready to play every night out over anything else.


Indians Ten Best of July: A Month of Almosts and Bauer Stances

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I promise when I do the Ten Best of the entire year, it won't be 10 lines of things Trevor Bauer did. But you know, going back to Spring Training, I bet I could make a list of 10 things Trevor Bauer did that was awesome.

I may actually do that.


High & Low of Indians @ Athletics 7/30-8/2: One is the Losing Number

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Mark Canha was like 2 for his last 400. No, not really, but he was slumping, bad. Definition of not hitting the ball. Of course he hits a game-winning walk-off double as a replacement for the injured Josh Reddick. I think I've finally resigned myself that this is just not the Indians season. I fought willingly that this was all just hogwash and something was due to come up "Tribe". But it took this hit from a slumping player on a team just as bad as the Indians to signal it for me. We aren't allowed to have nice things this year and the universe hates us.


High & Low of Indians Vs Royals 7/27-7/29: Throwing Punches of Our Own

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When we end a series on a win, I tend to be a little nicer. And looking back, taking the disgust of losing so many games in a row, this was a very winnable series. You gotta come through though in more than one game.


Where Do We Go From Here?

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There comes a point in every baseball season when reality sets in.

I thought perhaps that reality set in a few weeks ago and things in Baltimore boiled over for the Tribe. They seemed to kick it in gear after that and just maybe we'd be turning the corner for good. But then the wheels spun, and we ended up right back here. Back where I honestly didn't think this team would be this season, at any point, even when things looked a little shaky.

I'm not sure where to start. Perhaps here. There'd be no point in a High & Low today because there's not much you can gain from a weekend when you put a grand total of five runs up in four games and it all ends with yet another team meeting in which your best player says the team is playing like shit.

So here we are. I'll try and organize this, but I can't guarantee anything.


Babbling Tribe: Welcome to Rumor Season

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I've come to a realization. The worst time of the year isn't when baseball is over at the end of the year. When you have to wait the longest you'll wait all year for it to return.

The worst time of the year is right now, during baseball season, right now, before the trade deadline hits. How could a time in-season, in the middle of summer with beautiful weather, when kids don't have school, and fun things are happening be the worst time of the year?

I'm being dramatic, stop it. But that's par for the course.

Get ready for rampant rumors shielded as simple hearsay that gets extrapolated beyond it's original form. Where Team A has talked to Team B about Player X turns into Team A trading Players D, I, & E to Team B for Player X and O.