High & Low of Indians @ Royals: 7/18-7/20: Bow Down to the Kings

Remember... Win the series, win the series, win the series. You don't need to sweep, although it's nice, but when you win the series, you are keeping that 2-1 advantage you've gained. Another series win and this time, against the Royals who are now NINE (9!) games back and at the .500 mark. I wouldn't count them out, but this had to be a nice body shot that is making them extremely unbalanced and ready to be knocked out.

Here's some fun highs and just a few lows for the series win (win!) for the Indians over the Royals.


High & Low of Indians @ Twins 7/15-7/17: Now That's More Like It

And now, beating the Twins! Because that's something that needed to happen in 2016 to prove the Indians are legitimate contenders.*

Your highs and lows of the series win over the Minnesota Twins.


High & Low of Indians Vs Yankees 7/7-7/10: Give Me a Break

The kicker here is that the Indians could have very well had themselves a split or a series win if the one-run games had gone their way. Each team had a bigger win and then played two close ones. Of course Sunday turned out to be closer than anyone would have thought after the Yankees dumped six on the Tribe in the top of the fifth having already chased Carlos Carrasco the inning prior. When you look at the games though, they really shouldn't have been in that position.

Allow me to explain as we explore the Highs and Lows of their series loss to the New York Yankees.


High & Low of Indians Vs Tigers 7/4-7/6: First Place Tribe

Dusting things off, sorry about that. Like the new digs? I do. I figured what was the point of writing with the old place looking cruddy, right? Who wants to go into a house and look around when the outside has broken windows, a broken up driveway, and an unmowed lawn? I certainly don't want to live in one, so why would I ask you to visit?

Well, things are fixed up with some extra time and we're back! The good news is you probably could distinguish a lot of the highs from the past month, even though it's been two months since our last rundown. I mean, the entire month of June, high, right? Okay, now that we've got that out of the way, let's get down to business.

Here are your highs and lows for the Indians last series against the Tigers until September. Boy, aren't they glad about that?


High & Low of Indians Vs Royals 5/6-5/8: Kings of a New Variety

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As disappointing as it was to get swept by the Phillies, we all know that the big games are the division games. And thus far, after a week that featured nothing but, the Indians are 10-4 within the AL Central, bested in winning percentage only by the White Sox, who have played six less games. You keep winning 2-of-3 from your division foes, you're setting yourself up for a successful year.

Oh, what's that? The Indians are doing that? Cool, neat, tubular. Here's the highs and lows of the Indians series win over the defending World Series Champions.


High & Low of Indians Vs Tigers 5/3-5/5: When Things Come Around

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I don't know about you, but there's something exciting about a payoff. It's why I'm in it for the long haul with this team, through whatever may come, I don't want it to be easy, but I want it to happen and am willing to wait. I'm of course talking about a title for the Cleveland Indians, but more specifically, kicking the ever loving crap out of the Detroit Tigers after the past few seasons sure does feel amazing.

So let's just kick them while they're down. The fun part is, this Tigers team isn't all that shitty and aside from running into the Indians, they've been playing sub-par ball. And the Indians? Their coming off the tail end of a road trip that was less than favorable. But, for some reason, it seems like there's a new script the Indians are reading from when it comes to facing the Tigs from the north. All your highs and a low here or there from the second series sweep of the Detroit Tigers.


High & Low of Indians @ Tigers 4/22-4/24: One Ring to Ruin Them All

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Awwwwwwww yeah! You giddy? You better be giddy! GET GIDDY! Come on, that's fun, was it not? The tight game, averting any sort of bad "typical loss to the Tigers" and your fifth starter out-dueled their number one to boot. The blowout... And then despite losing a key piece to this team's success, scrapping out one more for a sweep.

That's a series win my friends.

And here are all the Highs and very few Lows from the Indians trip to Detroit.