No it actually will be past noon by the time this goes up.

I got the Minor Issues done last night and could have had it up way earlier, like when I woke up near eight.

But I was so enthralled in my weekly overview of the MLB that I didn't care.

And now this.. The good news is I've still got more to do and it's past noon. This is good because on my days off, I find myself bored.

At what point are you silly when you are in your life and you'd rather be at work?

Is there anyone out there like that? Are they willing to admit it?

I will. I'd rather be at work.. Okay so it gets me tired and I have less time for this type of stuff, but damnit to hell.. The world can't be perfect. So I'd rather be busy than bored.

Let's get to the links, as I've got something planned later today.. Maybe an LOLTribe, maybe not, i've yet to decide, mwahahahahaha.
"Maybe I was too shallow," Choo said. "But with Cliff Lee throwing a no-hitter, I didn't want it to fall in."
Let's be honest.. That ball hit to Choo by Molina that broke up the no-hitter was not an easy play.. So why is this as if it was? They acted like he Milton Bradleyed the play (HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YES I GOT HIM) and that he lost the no-no on a rather easy play.

Lay off Choo.. Wedge and Lee wouldn't say anything and rightfully so. Choo gave it a good try. I said yesterday I felt it was catchable, but it would have been one hell of a catch if he did come up with it. I do get a sense though Cliff was a little disappointed in not getting the job done though and hell, if he was a little better in the first, he could have been carrying a perfect game.

"It was neat to come that close to a no-hitter," Lee said. "But whatever. Maybe I'll get another chance someday."

"I was just a little off in the first," Lee said. "For whatever reason, I wasn't locating the fastball. As the innings went on, I felt I was able to locate to the corners a little bit. I felt like I had a really good changeup. That was the key pitch for me. I got a lot of outs with it, it kept them off the fastball and I was able to get the fastball on them a little bit."

Lee also mentioned that he thought the ball Ludwick hit was actually out of the park. A few of those balls they hit you thought that, but that was just that feeling last night. I thought the ball Ludwick hit was gone as well.

Lee is kind of like me though.. I'd say the same thing... WHATEVER! He keeps saying Whatever..
"It's a tough play in the corner," Lee said. "I'm not going to sit here and critique a guy without seeing the play [on replay]. Whatever. He didn't score."
He didn't score, whatever.. no big deal. Can we get video on this? I mean anytime he says whatever. I laugh inside. Maybe I'm just imagining it wrong but it sounds funny. WHATEVER!

Let's talk positive about Choo though.. Who said his performance right now is a C-worthy. Average he says. He thinks he can do better.

I'd agree with Dennis Manoloff when he says, "If Choo is a C, his teammates are in trouble."

I'd give Choo a B+ maybe A-, he's been fantastic so far.

"I can do much better than this," he said. "I know I can do much better than this."

Asked to grade his season to date, Choo said: "Not too good, not too bad. Just average. I'd give myself a 'C.'"

Choo says if 10 is a perfect player, he want's to be an 11 and that he wants to be better than Barry Bonds. I like that. Keep up the drive Choo.

Even though Asdrubal Cabrera is out, Eric Wedge hasn't gone away from playing Peralta at third. Sure he plays him at short more than he would if Cabrera was around, but credit Wedge for sticking with Peralta there for the most part. You can't keep running Valbuena out there, who is the only other guy that can really play short well.
"Third base is where I see Jhonny," Wedge said. "I think he'd rather be at short, but I see him as a guy who is going to play more third base and occasionally play short. The more he plays third, the more comfortable he's going to be."
I'd throw DeRoss, Carroll, and Barfield out there though. Screw Valbuena, seriously.

Screw him right now.. He can't hit worth a lick. He needs to get sent down.
"You can't get caught up in his numbers because his at-bats have been better than that," Wedge said. "He's going to continue to figure it out. Defensively, he's been outstanding for us. He's hard-nosed, tough and a fierce competitor."

Thank you.. I feel better... I like Wedge, but that just downright PISSES me off.

Now that that is over.... Whatever.


Yes Travis Hafner playing two games and sitting one is the plan... Don't freak out.
"It's no cause for concern," he said. "We've determined that, for now, the shoulder needs a recovery day after every two games. Hopefully, that will change soon, but we need to build up to playing a number of games in a row. We're watching closely the volume of swings each day. All in all, everything feels pretty good."
I'd work it good this week by letting him play on Monday, sit him on Tuesday against Gallardo, and play him again on Wednesday with the day off on Thursday. That way he gets his two games in and gets days off after each one. Then with a day off next Monday, go with the same plan against the Cubs, depending on the pitching matchups I guess. No lefties for the Brewers.

Travis should play Monday though, but it might take away from his chance at stealing a Ricky Vaughn Bobblehead. If you are going to the game, get one. If you happen to get both Ricky Vaughn Bobblehead and Shin-Soo Don Johnson-look-alike bobblehead, you are a lucky feller or...lady.

Hafner says Major League is his favorite baseball movie and that he's watched it at least 50 times.

But anyway, here is some more background on the movie and the promotion going on with the Brewers in this series. Bob Ucker AKA Harry Doyle is in the house as well.
"It was a real simple reason," Chesser said. "We had a lot of conflict with the Indians' schedule, with both the Indians playing there and the start of football season. Some actors were only available on certain days. The Milwaukee park was designed by the same architect. It was a smaller version of Municipal Stadium, so it was easier to shoot in because of the size."
Finally... Grady Sizemore update today, maybe... He's getting his MRI today so we may or may not know officially until tomorrow. Who knows now a days.. We probably won't know if he will officially have surgery today or not, but we might have a good idea.

Also, Aaron Laffey is geting ready for his rehab stint which could begin as soon as this week. He's scheduled for one last little session today and then will rest two days before going out on rehab. With Scott Lewis and Jake Westbrook on theirs right now, things are looking up. Ohka, Huff and Sowers, just hold on!

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