BBA AL Connie Mack Award 2010

Last year, if you'll remember, I posted my votes for the major awards handed out in the Major Leagues. I did this as a part of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance in its first year as we attempted to recognize MLB players in a way the Baseball Writers Association of America does.

The BBWAA wasn't too pleased with the fact that we named the awards the same as theirs, so this year the BBA's awards recognize greats of the game.

As President of the Cleveland Chapter, I will be posting the collective votes from the Indians chapter and together it will count as both of Cleveland's votes. The other blogs within the Cleveland chapter are The B-List, Indians Prospect Insider, and Deep Left Field.


I'll skip the theatrics and get to the picks. The Connie Mack award recognizes the best manager in baseball.

3. Cito Gaston, TOR

I personally picked the Blue Jays to finish last. They lost Roy Halladay, looked to have suspect pitching and an offense strung together with, glop. Well part of that glop hit 50 some home runs and while you can't replace Doc Halladay, they survived as well as you could expect. In his final year as the Blue Jays manager, Gaston did more with the Blue Jays than could have been expected.

2. Ron Washington, TEX

Washington's seat was probably hotter than any other managers in the AL due to an admission of cocaine use in 2009. Heck the Rangers could have fired him coming into this season, but Texas stuck by their guy. Their reward was an AL West crown. Look at it this way, some players could have turned their back on Washington and not played as hard, yet they did just the opposite.

1. Ron Gardenhire, MIN

Joe Nathan, gone for the season. Justin Morneau, gone for most of the season. Joe Mauer out of the lineup at times. Carl Pavano was the ace of his team. Oh and I'm pretty sure the Twins put their infield together with rubber bands and gum scrapped off the bottom of my shoe. You could probably give this award to Gardenhire every year, yet he's never actually won it.


Last year at this time, the Indians were searching for their new manager. This year we have Manny Acta.

Far more importantly though, I'd just like to point out, because I've been incredibly forgetful every time I've gotten the opportunity in the past, that Eric Wedge interviewed for the opening in Pittsburgh.

And according to Jon Heyman of SI.com, Wedge is his pick to get the job!


I repeat...


Can't wait for that. I believe last year in this very same post I said Wedge would probably be a bench coach for some team. I guess the Pirates just.. Yeah I won't bother.... Sorry Pittsburgh.

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