BBA AL Stan Musial Award 2010

Last year, if you'll remember, I posted my votes for the major awards handed out in the Major Leagues. I did this as a part of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance in its first year as we attempted to recognize MLB players in a way the Baseball Writers Association of America does.

The BBWAA wasn't too pleased with the fact that we named the awards the same as theirs, so this year the BBA's awards recognize greats of the game.

As President of the Cleveland Chapter, I will be posting the collective votes from the Indians chapter and together it will count as both of Cleveland's votes. The other blogs within the Cleveland chapter are The B-List, Indians Prospect Insider, and Deep Left Field.


We present the Stan Musial Award to the most valuable player in the American League. I hear a train coming.

10. Jose Bautista, TOR

Bautista led the free world in home runs this season. I think that's about it. Oh no, he actually was second in the AL in walks with 100. He was an on-base machine.

9. Carl Crawford, TB

Carl Crawford was an all-around contributor, hitting 19 home runs, knocking in 90 runs, scoring 110 times and stealing 47 bases. Of course he would have his best season in a contract year.

8. Paul Konerko, CHW

Paul Konerko was sixth in the AL in RBI and OBP.

7. Joe Mauer, MIN

Joe Mauer was one of four hitters in the AL with a .400 OBP. He didn't have the season he did last year, but he no doubt had an impact in Michael Cuddyer and Jason Kubel having good numbers.

6. Evan Longoria, TB

Evan Longoria knocked in 100 runs and hit 20 home runs, in addition to stealing 15 bases and putting up a .372 on base percentage. Not to mention, he plays a solid hot corner.

5. Shin-Soo Choo, CLE

Shin-Soo Choo is the first Indian to ever put up 20 HR, 20 SB, .300 AVG, .400 OBP in one season. How bad would the Indians be offensively without Choo?

4. Adrian Beltre, BOS

Adrian Beltre was one heck of a pick-up for the Red Sox. Boston signed the third baseman to a one year deal probably expecting decent numbers and a great glove. They got great production as well. Beltre hit 28 home runs and knocked in 102 runs. He hit .321, good enough for fourth in the AL and put up an OPS of .919, good enough for 5th in the AL.

3. Robinson Cano, NYY

Without Cano in the early seasons, who knows where the Yankees would have been offensively. Robinson Cano was hotter than anyone early in the year and he managed to put together one of his best seasons. He came up a home run shy of 30, he knocked in 100, scored 100 and put up an OPS of .914.

2.Miguel Cabrera, DET

Miguel Cabrera was the league leader in RBI over Alex Rodriguez by one. He was a distant second to Josh Hamilton in the average department but you can't argue with his .420 OBP and 111 runs scored.

1. Josh Hamilton, TEX

Josh Hamilton was just a difference maker for Texas. The Rangers missed him for a good portion of the season near the end, but he still put up great numbers. The bottom line is he is the key that makes their lineup the most dangerous.


I think Choo deserved a vote for how important he was to Cleveland not being a total wasteland for offense. Not to mention his season was just an all-around force. He put in numbers at every category and he is only one of four AL hitters with a .400 OBP, that isn't easy to do and that is good company.

This ends the BBA awards. I will post a recap of the winners later this month when all of them are announced.

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