BBA AL Walter Johnson Award 2010

Last year, if you'll remember, I posted my votes for the major awards handed out in the Major Leagues. I did this as a part of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance in its first year as we attempted to recognize MLB players in a way the Baseball Writers Association of America does.

The BBWAA wasn't too pleased with the fact that we named the awards the same as theirs, so this year the BBA's awards recognize greats of the game.

As President of the Cleveland Chapter, I will be posting the collective votes from the Indians chapter and together it will count as both of Cleveland's votes. The other blogs within the Cleveland chapter are The B-List, Indians Prospect Insider, and Deep Left Field.


The Walter Johnson award is given to the best pitcher in the American League. Wins are not the main component. At least if you ask anyone who didn't vote for CC Sabathia for first place.

5. Jered Weaver, LAA

Weaver holds an identical record to that of Hernandez, but he at least had a little more run support. Weaver also keeps runners off the base paths and he struck out an AL high 233 batters.

4. CC Sabathia, NYY

He did win 21 games. You don't win that many games if you aren't incredibly good. Well Phil Hughes won a lot of games with a lot of run support, but CC carried that rotation at times in 2010.

3. Cliff Lee, TEX/SEA

Do you know many starting pitchers who can maintain a WHIP that is an exact 1.00 for 28 starts? Didn't think so. Seriously how do you only walk 18 people in a year?

2. David Price, TB

19 game winner, 3rd in the AL in ERA. 25 of his 31 starts were of the quality variety. He also started the All-Star game for the American League.

1. Felix Hernandez, SEA

King Felix may have been just a game over .500, but the AL's ERA leader had poor run support. His 3.75 runs per start is the lowest average in the AL and the next closest in terms of AL starters? Teammates Jason Vargas with 4.48 and Doug Fister with 4.53. 30 of his 34 starts were quality starts, which was tops in the AL as well.


I would recap the Indians starting pitching in terms of the AL, but really, what would be the point in that? Plus I'm low on time and energy. Let's leave it rest like this.

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