Set and Ready: Marson, Everett Make Roster

I'm really tired of removing a small layer of ice off my windshield and side windows every morning. Yesterday I waited til most of it defrosted, but I was in a hurry this morning and had to do most of it without the nice long wait. Most of all my hands get numb, and that my friends is the biggest problem I have with it all.


Grady Sizemore: 0/3, R, 2 BB, SB
Carlos Santana: 1/1, R, RBI, 3 BB
Matt LaPorta: 1/2, RBI
Carlos Carrasco: 6 IP, 3 H, R, 0 BB, 5 K
Justin Germano: 1 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 BB
Frank Herrmann: 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 1 K

A win for the Indians over the Cubs... Carlos Carrasco gave up yet another home run, a solo bomb to Carlos Pena, but otherwise was very solid in his final spring training game. He went six, gave up only two other hits and didn't walk anyone. Nice solid outing for Car² as I've finally had the brains to type it out like that.

Grady Sizemore had a productive game, coaxing out two walks and stealing a base. He did get five at-bats in this one as the DH, the most so far this spring. He even was on the move with the base stealing as he also got caught. So, much progress there.

Then of course there was the episode towards the end that needed Vinnie Pestano to come on and earn the save after Chris Perez was pulled. Perez got yanked because he felt dizzy and light-headed, probably more so than him throwing up on the mound. The throwing up part was just water according to him and Luke Carlin was nice enough to confirm it by saying that "he didn't see any chunks."

"I got light-headed," said Perez. "The last batter I faced [Darwin Barney], I almost passed out. I walked him and I couldn't stand up anymore."

"I threw up, but it was only water," he said. "I was light-headed and I was seeing stars. Just some low blood sugar. . . . My arm is OK."

Bastian also tweeted that Perez and Santana had a little tiff during the game and Acta said it has nothing to do with the sickness. Perez said it was just them trying to get on the same page.

"We were just trying to get on the same page," said Perez. "He hasn't caught me all spring. It was our first time. With the game on the line, we were trying to get our pitches in the right sequences."

Today Justin Masterson makes his final tuneup start before the season as he faces the Reds in Goodyear. This is the Arizona finale as after this game, the club heads back North where they will play Columbus in one final exhibition game on Wednesday.


The roster news finally came down, but the mystery surrounding the final 40-man spot clearing remains up in the air. We are also unsure if Trevor Crowe will in fact be placed on the 60-day disabled list, but with a re-evaluation likely already done, that should come soon enough.

The entire roster has to be finalized by Thursday, but the Indians have made their Opening Day roster public knowledge.

Bullpen: No last minute surprises as Vinnie Pestano, Justin Germano, and Frank Herrmann claim the final three bullpen jobs. Jess Todd has been sent to Columbus where he will open up in t heir bullpen.

"It's bittersweet," Pestano said. "I'm happy for myself, but I'm also sad for the guys who weren't as fortunate as I was." 

Vinnie deserves it so much. He pitched well and really has done it at every level he's hit. No reason to believe he won't continue that in Cleveland long-term.

Backup Infield Spot: Adam Everett has sort of shocked the world and has claimed the final utility spot. I thought it would be Luis Valbuena, even though Josh Rodriguez will not be returning yet and Adam Everett could play short in Columbus. But Everett deserves this final spot over Nix and Valbuena. He played well offensively and is better defensively. I didn't think they would do the right thing because of the roster crunch, but they did.

Nix meanwhile will be DFAed if they can't find a taker for him on the trade market.

Backup Catcher: Because of Everett's inclusion, this means the spot the club will open with Nix isn't going to go to one of the others and that means if the Indians were to name Phillips or Carlin their backup, they would need yet ANOTHER roster spot. So I think that made their decision to name Lou Marson as the backup, a little easier.

He made it tough enough though with the lack of hitting this spring. He likely won this job by virtue of his 40-man status, but the club was definitely expecting him to do more with the opportunity given to him. He came in with a leg-up and it turns out that leg-up helped him in the end, but he did himself no favors.

So that means six, count-em (Kearns, Durbin, Everett, Hannahan, Buck, O. Cabrera) six free agent signings have made the club, three of which did not have 40-man status heading into spring and two who were very very late offseason signings. Amazing.

Terry Pluto notes one thing though... Defense and strike throwing ended up winning the day. The Indians are serious about the methods they are preaching, roster status and experience or potential be damned.

"It's never easy," Acta said. "We made some tough decisions, but at the end of the day, we did what we felt was best for us."

The two questions still remain though. Who else on the 40-man is out and will Trevor Crowe hit the long DL? I mentioned I thought Goedert will be the guy out but there seems to be a question as to if you can designate someone who is injured. Well Goedert has been getting back into action lately, so maybe, that won't matter. Maybe they won't even pick him. Could it be Jess Todd? I really have no freakin' clue what-so-ever.

Fore more quotes, visit these links by Terry Pluto and Jordan Bastian.


Doug Mathis has been granted his release so he can attempt to find a job elsewhere. Mathis pitched well this spring but got caught up in a numbers game. He was probably only a consideration towards the end because of Lewis bombing and Smith getting hurt, but he was essentially competing against Germano. Not only did Germano pitch better, he had last season going for him too.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm really tied of removing the small layers of ice off my windshield every morning... However I wouldn't care if that is all I have to do for a little while longer if it keeps the snow away. Of course it is always adventure in Cleveland as Opening Day nears, because you never know what you're going to get. Hopefully Progressive Field sees no more snow.

Short update today, check out The Cleveland Fan in this week for a more in-depth look at some of the stuff talked about yesterday and today.

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