Hey, Where'd You Put That: Site Update and an Introduction

I know, things look a little bit different around here. If you are confused, I apologize. But here's the good news.

This layout is way better. It's also more organized and it just feels better. I had grown sick of the old one and felt like it was a little, silly. This isn't silly, this is, better.

Some things have moved, some things have gone away. If you really want to find something, try that search box to the right of this post, that should help. Or if you can't find it, ask me and I'll show you where it went.

There are several reasons for the changes other than looks. The first, is that I'm going to try and incorporate a few (unobtrusive to you) advertisements into the layout. The only cost that goes into the site is the domain, but I'd at least like for that to pay for itself. And if at all possible where I make some money off this, I'd like to put money back into the site other than purchasing a domain. So, I will keep the advertisements out of your way and hope they are not a bother.

The other is that the site just wasn't set up optimally to my pleasing. I've learned some things in five years of running this blog and as we enter the sixth year of existence (whoooaaa!), I'm starting to figure some things out. Who wants to read a sentence then click a link if you visit the site directly from the home page? No one, so I'm starting to make some of those changes as well.

Work with me a few of the changes as I try and switch things over and make sure they work properly. There will inevitably be some bugs, so if you see one that isn't getting fixed and effecting you in an annoying way, please let me know in the comments or through e-mail (nino@thetribedaily.com).

One bug that I'm aware about is my RSS feed. I know some of you rely on that, and well, I rely on it to do a lot of things for this website and right now, feedburner is sucking it up. This happened before and how it got fixed was not of my doing, it just happened to be fixed by itself. I'm hoping it fixes itself, but until then, I'll keep trying and looking for alternatives. I ask that you bear with me and keep reading. If you want to keep updated as to when I post, you can like the page on Facebook, as I don't go off on tangents like I do on Twitter. You can still follow on Twitter as well though, because that's fun. (UPDATE: It seemingly fixed itself last night before I even uploaded the new layout. Go figure....)

With all that being said and now that I've driven you away, I'd like to announce that we'll have two new contributors to the site this year. This should be a fun addition, because let's be honest, you may not want to hear me all the time. Both gentlemen will have different roles here on the site and you will get to know them a little better rather quickly.

First, I'd like to introduce you all to Bryan Belknap. Bryan has his own space, which you can check out on the side as That team from Cleveland, and has been writing about the Indians for some time. If you don't like my Archer references or understand some of the stupid things I try and incorporate, maybe you'll resonate with Bryan's work. He enjoys cowboy movies and knows way more about music than I do. Bryan will be doing opinion and analysis type articles from time to time and perhaps make off-days more bearable. That introduction was kind of lame, so I'll let him clean up my mess. If you want to know a little more about Bryan, myself, or other new contributor who will be introduced rather soon, check out the new Writers section at the top of the page. Oh yeah! Bryan's first real baseball piece will be going up Saturday.


Editor's Note: The following is an introduction by Bryan Belknap. I did not actually save his life for real, but if it makes me look better, yes, yes I did save his life. You're all welcome, I'm a hero. I've also never caught a foul ball, so this kills two birds with one stone. Boosh!

Being stranded at sea on a Carnival cruise ship gave me a chance for existential introspection.  I didn’t go on a cruise to reflect on my life.  However, as we were huddled on that deck smelling the foulness from below, I thought, “The Tribe has caused me much suffering.”  Cleveland baseball has cost me my friends, my family, my wealth and my good health.  Inside my dank, dark basement apartment, I sit here today a lonely man wheezing, weeping, and recalling all the sacrifices made.  You know what?  It was worth it all.  Go Tribe!

First off, I’d like to thank Nino Colla for this chance to write for all you good people.  Many people don’t know that Nino saved my life.  It was a June game last year.  And I made the classic mistake.  They say never to do it, but I went to the concession stand hungry.  I got two hot dogs, a 20 oz. beer, peanuts, popcorn . . . well, you get the point.  It was more than one person should try to carry.  And when you’re overloaded like that, you’re in a vulnerable position. You’re a human Jenga trying to find your seat.  This is particularly dangerous for me because I have an unusually thin skull.  I normally wear a helmet, but at this instant, I was using it to carry my nachos.  Anyway, Carlos Santana fouls a screamer into the stands and straight at my extremely fragile noggin.  From three rows away, Nino dives, catches the ball, and saves my life.  I can still see it in my very, very fragile head.  Thanks again, man.  You are a true hero.

Given the great debt owed, a debt I can never truly repay, my articles for the Tribe Daily will get my best effort.  For instance, I am ignoring that small kitchen fire until this intro is finished.  The smoke will not distract me.  You, the reader, have my full attention.

My work will mostly be opinion/analysis.  I’ll make the bold claims others fear to do.  Like, I know you think that Cleveland didn’t give the Alex Cole experiment enough time. Sure, Cole was a slap hitter that didn’t walk.  And yes, raising the fences in center looked weird and robbed the young Albert Belle of homers.  But why give that strategy only a year to work?  I’ll say it.  It was a mistake.  You might be afraid of ridicule and humiliation.  I am not.  I live it daily.  I will be your voice in the wilderness.

I will mix in pop culture, movies, and indie rock into my work.  And trust me, it is not because I don’t know enough baseball to fill up an article.  Okay, maybe it is.  But I do spend more time each day looking up numbers on Fangraphs than I spend on diet, exercise, and personal hygiene, combined.

And if you’re wondering about my Cleveland street cred, consider this.  Do you know someone that spent months of his childhood in the hospital, because he tried to imitate his hero, Super Joe, and smash a beer can on his unusually thin skull?  You do now.

Well, I am looking forward to writing for you fine people this season, but I must be off.  I have a fire to put out and an OPS to look up.  Go Tribe!

I will make my B-side material available at That team from Cleveland.  And if you want to follow the workings of my well-oiled mind, I am thatteamfromcle on Twitter.

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